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Why are the rich considered to be overall smarter, worthier, more savvy, educat

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 21 months ago

    Why are the rich considered to be  overall smarter, worthier, more savvy, educated, respected,

    & unlikely to be taken advantage of while the poor are considered to be overall dumber, less worthy, clueless, uneducated, disrespected & extremely likely to be taken advantage of? Why are the rich seen as superior while the poor are thought to be inferior in terms of status?


  2. iggy7117 profile image81
    iggy7117posted 21 months ago

    Because they can afford to buy those opinions, they are no better then anyone else.

  3. wingedcentaur profile image83
    wingedcentaurposted 21 months ago

    Hi Grace Marguerite Williams! How's it going?

    Are the rich "considered to be overall smarter, worthier, more savvy, educated, [and] respected"? By whom are they considered to be all of those things?

    And as for being "unlikely to be taken advantage of," try telling that to the wealthy victims of Bernie Madoff's pyramid "investment" scheme. The news magazine television program, Frontline, did an episode called "The Madoff Affair." It aired on May 7, 2009.

    The program revealed a tragic low point. There was a member of the old European aristocracy that killed himself over the guilt he felt for recommending the Madoff investment vehicle to everybody he knew, friends and family, people with millions of dollars, many of whom were "wiped out."

    Is there some kind of "scientific study" that shows that rich people are less susceptible to being "taken advantage of" than poor people.

    It is not even certain that the rich are necessarily "overall more educated" than the poor. To measure than, if possible, you have to take into account the immigrant population---who were frequently doctors in their home countries, but wind up driving a cab the rest of their lives when they come to America, due to certain barriers. For further reading on that, I would refer you to a free online book by economist, Dean Baker, who talks about this process of effectively stripping immigrants of their professional credentials, so as to not put downward pressure on wages of sectors of the white collar sector.

    Anyway, the books is "The Conservative Nanny State: How The Wealthy Use The Government To Stay Rich And Get Richer." You want to look at Chapter One: Doctors and Dishwashers: How the Nanny State Creates Good Jobs for Those at the Top.

    Finally, you ask: "Why are the rich seen as superior while the poor are thought to be inferior in terms of status?"

    Because everyone would rather be rich than poor.

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    fpherj48posted 21 months ago

    Grace,  I'm fairly sure you have asked a very similar question to this one a number of times, worded just a bit differently each time, but alluding to the same inquiry.

    I'm unsure precisely "who" or what types of individuals are making these considerations. I have to assume your circle of friends, family, neighbors and/or co-workers believe the statements in your question relating to financial & education levels
    I personally do not consider the rich to be "superior" to most other financial levels of people.  Surely their bank accounts and perhaps lifestyle may be what's considered superior to others, but not these people as human beings.  I also do not dole out my respect for people in terms of their money or education.
    It's pretty obvious that there are those whose opinions of others are based upon status, but those are usually the super wealthy who never dream of associating with people on the lesser financial level.  Yeah, those are pretty much the people who don't recognize people like myself.  I'm actually fine with that, Grace, because knowing me, I'd more than likely wind up suggesting they "get over themselves" and get the hell off their high horses.  Pretentiousness and elitism are 2 of my least favorite human attributes......
    Peace, Paula

  5. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    1. The poor historically were under-nourished and lost IQ points as a result. The upper class was better nourished, better functioning brain on average.
    2. While there are stupid people born to wealthy families, like inbred royalty, those who are smart and poor often work their way up while idiots with money are soon parted. So if you have earned wealth, barring the rare reality show winner or lottery winner, it is by intelligence or careful saving and investing over time. Therefore to have money and have kept it or had none and earned it requires intelligence in 90% of cases. (90% of rich are first generation, has been for a hundred years in the US.)
    3. Poverty may come from disability / inability to work, poor work ethic, poor self control when it comes from spending. Those who are poor due to addiction or poor work ethic may be smart, but their habits are easily seen as stupidity.