How The Boys Will Be Boys And The Jock Culture Encourages Disrespect

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    Of Women And Girls

    In this culture, boys are encouraged to out of touch with their feelings and to adopt to tough facade.   Boys are inculcated to be aggressive and tough.   Boys who do not fit in with the traditional masculine persona are ridiculed and called pejorative names.   

    Boys are often told to be men and to take it.  This masculine bravado of machismo, toughness, and insensitivity progresses to the high school and college level.  At this time, boys and young men who are tough and bold are amply rewarded.    There is also a mean boy culture which often rivals the mean girl culture.  Boys at this level put pressure on each other as to who can be the toughest and not a punk.   

    In this boy culture, it is the survival of the strongest and toughest.  Boys who are deemed to be more sensitive and empathetic are often stigmatized to the point of verbal and even physical bullying.   With this exaggerated masculine culture, girls and young women are often viewed as lesser people.   Many boys and young men, especially as jocks and in fraternities, often disrespect and denigrate  girls and young women.    For example, in many fraternities, rape and other forms of sexual harassment are not deemed as serious occurrences but as a rite of passage.   Many college rapes are often unreported because the victim feels that she will not be believed as it is her word against the perpetrator. 

    Many fraternities as many aspects of the male culture believe that girls and women who are raped are inviting it.   There was a case in a fraternity at Yale University which the pledges recited a rape litany.   What is your take on this premise?

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      I do agree with you that boys in our society are taught to be tough and also are inadvertently taught to disrespect girls and women. If you are a "nice boy", obedient to your mother or respectful to women or even yourself, you will be considered as a softy, a punk, or even gay.

      I believe that our society overlooks the subtle disrespectful acts towards women such as cat calling or prolonged stares at an attractive woman, who is by the way NOT dressed half-way naked. These subtle "acts of showing ones masculinity" should be deemed "bad behavior" from boy hood. If subtle acts of disrespect are not properly disciplined, boys could grow up and believe that it's okay to treat a woman poorly. This leads to rape, domestic battery, and even murder.

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        ++++.   This culture is especially glorified in the high school and college jock culture in addition to fraternity culture.  In many of these societies,  these young men are deified by their teammates and fellow members in addition to their coaches and their peers.   

        In many high schools and colleges, jocks are at the top of the pecking order.  Because of the positive reinforcement they receive, they develop a sense of entitlement and invincibility, often believing that they can do anything or get away with anything.  Many fraternity brothers have similar attitudes.  There was a case in Yale University which pledges made rape remarks regarding women; however, these men were taken to task by women's groups at Yale.  Many boys are taught the concept of male hegemony and privilege.  They are led to believe that because they are male, they are superior while subconsciously believing that females are "less than" and are second class citizens by virtue of their gender.