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A Gifted Man: In Case of Abnormal Rythm

Updated on November 4, 2011

A Gifted Man


A Gifted Man” In Case of Abnormal Rythm

Michael Holt is a neuron-surgeon who has everything including a dead ex-wife who haunts him. His wife who is haunting him needs Michael to finish her unfinished business. As part of her unfinished business she asks Michael to manage her free clinic and help the impoverished patients she served.

It is an interesting premise for a television show as a man of science has to deal with spirituality but what is even stranger is that the character Michael Holt doesn’t reject the ghost of his wife but embraces her philanthropic endeavors and completes her business.

Holt continues to attempt to disengage from his wife’s free clinic but he continually keeps getting sucked back in.

The show is interesting in that there is a cast system between medical care on A Gifted Man but the character Michael Holt seems to walk a fine line between serving the under class poor and the wealthy.

Funny back in the 1960(s) this show would have never been allowed to be aired as it would be unconscious able to suggest that there is a cast system in medical care in the United States but today it is not only acceptable but the disparity in care is a source of amusement. What has happened to the United States of America that it has strayed from it basic values?


Dr. Holt treats former patient with a head injury from his glory days as a football player and he is ex-military. He is also trying to help a colleagues daughter, Chloe, who is getting married. Chloe has self injuriest behaviors. The therapy that is recommend is well controversial for PTSD at best because the true etiology of the behavior is not been identified. The patient could have many things wrong with her outside of the brain. It could be a heart condition or and endocrine problem that is causing her issues and not a psychiatric one. In field, everything has to be ruled out as a physical aliment before any psychiatric diagnosis can be made.

Mean while Michael Holt is also trying to tracking down a patient and soccer team mate that may have contracted AIDS. It turns out Michael's soccer mate has Addison's disease.

It is a good show. Patrick Wilson gives an excellent performance and his character seems more accepting that he is a leader in the medical community not based on the medical cast system but one who actually cares for everyone he can help. The writing is excellent as well. The dead wife is more of listen to the character Michael Holt deal with his own internal struggles between a rich life and a self actualized life.

This is another one of those CBS shows that seems open to criticism and keeps getting better each episode. This show also deals with grief propelling Michale Holt beyond his self.


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