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Horror Movies A List of Scary Favorites

Updated on March 21, 2011

Horrific image of Fred Krueger R.I.P

In my dreams no more.
In my dreams no more.

My Horror Movie History of Favorites

Horror movies a list of scary favorites is my list of movies that made me shake when first seeing them. The very first horror movie i watched was Nightmare on Elm Street released in 1984 by Wes Craven. I was almost ten and really thought i could handle it,I remember having nightmares for a week,not being able to sleep because thats when Fred Krueger got the children of elm street. As the sequels started coming i quickly lost my fear of Freddy because they seemed to get funnier rather than scarier. It was a typical horror movie storyline where a insane child killer gets burned and lynched by the parents of the neighborhood and some of his victims,he spirit lives on in the dreams of children where he has access to seek his revenge on the lynch mob by going after every last group of teens on elm street. Did you know Freddy Krueger was a family man with a wife and a child? I certainly wouldnt have wanted him for a father.

The next film i saw in my horror addiction days was Friday the 13th. I was quickly reintroduced to the meaning of fear through the character Jason Vorhies who didnt make a appearance until the second movie in this serious. In the first movie Jasons mother seeks revenge on campers because she feels they could have somehow prevented the drowning death of her son Jason. Mrs Vorhies is killed"this is good for the series" Jason comes back in part 2 but what we all were wondering at the time was how Jason died as a boy but came back as a full grown man. However unexplainable we all were thrilled to see the slasher with his white hockey mask ripping the campers to shreads for no apparent reason but the fact that he drowned,his mother became a psycho and was killed. Maybe if Jasons mother had not been killed he would have stayed dead. But at least if you were a teen or child you knew you were safe if you were nowhere near the campgrounds of crystal lake he stalked,at least until the writers allowed him to travel later on in the series. Are you enjoying horror movies my list of scary favorites yet?

After the friday the 13th days i was yet intoduced to another hockey mask wearing serial killer who seemed alive or dead but alive,all i know is that this one was a true wierdo. His name was Michael Myers and the movie was called Halloween. What a great thing to do,because every halloween we could espect Michael Myers to try and kill his sister who was played by Jamie Lee Curtis. In this story Michael Myers has been in a institution since he was a young school age little boy,he had killed everyone in his family except his little sister who was a baby at the time. Somehow Michael escapes the institution when he's older and returns to his home town to start a murderous rampage. Could Michael have been saved from a life of crime if they hadnt locked him away in solitary inside a institution? I dont think it would have made a difference because Michael was said to have just been pure evil from birth,empty inside with no soul. But was he dead or alive because in order to be locked in a institution you have to be somewhat human right?

After Halloween came Stephen Kings classic "IT" about clown who was supernatural and called himself Pennywise. This movie terrified me of clowns forever,I believe it came out in 1990. It was a 2 part TV movie where children of a small town were being stalked by this pure evil force that took on the appearance of a happy,spooky, clown. I liked this because a group of young kids who called themselves the lucky seven were his next targets,though afraid they were able to come up with a way to take him out. After going through hair raising horror in a tunnel in the summer the group of kids made a pact that if he still wasnt wasnt dead they would all return no matter when to finish the job. Yeah it sounds crazy because I would have never returned,but Pennywise did come back and so did the few of the lucky seven that Pennywise wasnt able to kill as adults totake him out again. Pennywise has been dead for a long time now and I really wish he would return because i'm not afraid of him anymore. Pennywise are you out there?

I started watching old horror movies because i wanted to see something different, i wanted to see something that could somewhat happen in real life. Psycho was the shiznick, Norman Bates was crazy as hell the way he paraded around like his mother killing the guests of the bates motel. I think if i had been an detective in this movie from his wierd persona i would have knew he was the killer right then and there. If you hear about guests dying at a single motel are you going to visit? Bates was plain psycho just as the title fits perfectly,i'd place his character among the real psychos like Jefferey Dahmner,Ted Bundy and all the other dead real life serial killers.

Do you all remember maniac cop? The psycho cop that was supposed to be dead who was killing people everywhere in any way he could,though being as strong as he was he just mainly used his bare hands. Can you really blame this cop for killing? I mean after all he was sent to jail for something he didnt do,locked away with prisoners of whom he had arrested. But this happens a lot,maybe not but still even though i dont blame him for his actions c'mon man sometimes you just gotta let it go because those hookers you killed did nothing to you.

Funny scary was alright when i was just looking to watch a movie. Gremlins was kinda cool,the little gizmo thing was cute n cuddly, it could talk,it could dance,it could sing and if you fed him after midnight it could produce hundreds of evil gremlins from its stomache that could make your kitchen look like a tornadoe went through it and kill you. This was furball heaven, I definetely had to have one. Do you still have yours?

My love of horror movies wether funny or scary begun to die because i had stopped watching for a while n when i tried to start back i was older and hollywood was putting out duds like I know what you did last summer, big wow i thought who in their right minds really care what you did last summer? But once again there was one movie that caught my attention it was Neve Campbell in "Scream". Yeah the sexy but cool type school girl who catches hell when her psycho boyfirend terrorizes the small town because his girlfriends mother had a affair with his father causing his mother to abandon him. Thye were really trying to do something different here,but in a twisted sort of way they succeeded. That summer was hot with all the cool people running around with skeletor like masks on and glow in the dark like hooks or swords. That just goes to show you never know who you're dating.

You can visit blockbuster online or netflix and watch any or all of these movies if you have not seen them directly from your computer or on TV in the best quality....check out some new ones and let us know what we've missed.

Hope you enjoyed horror movies my list of scary favorites. What were some of your faves? We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with horror movies.........To be continued

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    • Anjo Bacarisas II profile image

      Anjo Bacarisas II 5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

      cool pick of movies! I should watch some of this, very creepy movies. :))

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 6 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      I have to say I am always going to be Freddy fan, just can't help but love him. I am into the Hellraiser series as well. Nice list.

    • profile image

      onder 8 years ago

      horror movies are watching all over the world but in my opinions the legend movie is here Freddy .. Now i am watching it

    • lafenty profile image

      lafenty 8 years ago from California

      I'm not too into horror films, although I'm in the process of writing a horror script right now. Also reading "It". I've watched the first half of the movie, and it has ruined clowns for my kids and me for life, I'm afraid.

    • easy1 profile image

      easy1 8 years ago from Ireland

      A tale of two sisters (the Korean version ) gave me the creeps when I was watching it.