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Part 8-The Conclusion of The Family Sarnath: Where Else to go, but Down?

Updated on May 31, 2011

Chapter 17: Loose Ends

Billy was dead. Dolly, a sacrificial snack for mighty Dagon. And while the remaining members of the Keane clan, Bil, Thel, Jeffy and The P.J., were at this time, safe, there did remain certain unresolved issues that needed addressing. The most pressing of these was the allegiance of the telepathic and powerful P.J., a Deep One who'd been pivotal in not only Billy's meteoric rise to power, but in the ritual sacrifice of Dolly and an overall attitude of murderous connivance and disagreeableness. It was not lost on Mother Keane that it was P.J. who was to thank for the bludgeoning and eventual poisoning of her son Billy, but what, she asked slimy little P.J., led to such a shift in his loyalty to the occultic powerhouse who was Billy Keane?

Telepathically, The P.J. revealed the motives behind betraying his adopted older brother. Initially, he admitted, yes, there was a sense of cacophonous exhilaration in the unchecked harvesting of sacrificial offerings for the fish-god Dagon. The immortal life, he revealed, while pleasant, did at times prove to be somewhat routine, and though his priestly duties at the bottom of the ocean kept him busily engaged, there were those moments when tearful, sentimental nostalgia prevailed, and he missed the sense of self-worth that accompanied those years of his youth which were devoted to ritualistic homicide.

The P.J., however, could recognize megalomaniacal hubris when he saw it, and Billy was clearly on a path of insatiable blood-thirst. The P.J. could tolerate the sacrificial extermination of Dolly. He could tolerate the late-night excavations and the increasingly apparent parricidal leanings. What he could and would not tolerate, however, was the use of snacks clearly marked as "P.J.'s" by Mommy for the feeding of Billy's conjured, nameless, and insatiably hungry inter-dimensional monster. Snacks of a suburban nature (Lunchables, Go-Gurt, Pringles stix) were more than a mere commodity to P.J., they were things never before seen in his six millennia of existence. Telepathic requests to Billy, as well as the diligent, conflict-avoiding labeling of all individual foods by Mrs. Keane were thought to be more than sufficient to ensure the preservation of P.J.'s snack foods, but it mattered not: Billy clearly cared more for the happiness of his flopping, slithering Nameless Thing than for the bond between Deep One and Deep One. Hence, P.J. acted with uncaring precision, and arranged for the destruction of his irredeemably greedy and wholly inconsiderate step-brother.

Chapter 18: Takin' Care of Abyssness

Jeffy's return was a surprising development to the remaining Keanes. His initial disappearance, marked by a slimy pile of tentacles pulling his chubby little body into the ocean, was thought to be the end of Jeffy. Though Jeffy's stay in the underwater Dagonic city was hardly pleasant, it was never intended to result in his death. Rather, extreme punishment coupled with ceaseless indoctrination was the order of the day, and within mere weeks, the spoiled, terrified little fat-head was gleefully swimming among abominable beasts of the deep, embracing his watery overlords with complete, brainwashed obedience.

It was to these overlords, Jeffy maintained, that the Keanes must now return. Billy, in his overzealousness, had more than met the quota of human sacrifice set by monstrous Dagon for the Keane family, and the bizarre disappearance of nearly one-third of Billy's classmates was now putting the Keanes in an extremely suspicious light. The only option left, reasoned Jeffy, was to take one last trip to the family's beloved beach and take abode in their new home, deep below the ocean's waves. Mr. Keane, far too accustomed to the life of a surface dweller, took the news rather dreadfully, threatening his wife with suicide. It was soon apparent however, that Bil's threat was little more than a ruse for attention, as the apathetic, eye-rolling response of Mrs. Keane was met with a sobbing, pathetic apology from her husband.

Read it, and Love it. I did.

And so it was, on a sweltering, sticky summer day, that Mr. and Mrs. Keane loaded up the station wagon, doused the light-blue vinyl siding of their house in gasoline, and set fire to that sterile, suburban, cookie-cutter of a building they called home.  Later investigators would be both puzzled and repulsed by the charred skeleton of Billy found among the blackened remains, as well as the abhorrent carcass of Billy's Nameless Thing, which to many resembled a massive, burnt pile of Ramen noodles.  As Mr. Keane drove his increasingly useless vehicle to the borders of their new home, the Keane family joined in a chorus of their favorite "Little Mermaid" tunes, and imagined the day when their eyes would bulge out and their bodies would sprout slippery, tentacled appendages.  Arriving at the beach, the four clasped hands and slowly walked into the expansive blue abyss.  As throngs of onlookers screamed in panic, the Keanes paced forward with calm resolve, the water steadily creeping up to their thighs, waists, chests, and necks, until the Keane family, as far as we surface dwellers are concerned, were no more.  

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    • jreuter profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Reuter 

      8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Thanks ruffridyer! Glad you liked it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      That was an awesome story. I was wondering how it would end.


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