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Terra Nova: Proof

Updated on September 18, 2013

Terra Nova


Terra Nova: Proof

The Shannon Family has abandoned the future to go back 85 million years in the past to the New Earth. They live in the colony of Terra Nova on a prehistoric Earth with Dinosaurs and outcasts named the sixers. Taylor is the leader of the group and very charismatic. He believes he has a destiny to lead all these pilgrimages to create paradise.

Dr. Elizabeth Shannon is a doctor who is recruited to join the expedition. She breaks her husband out of jail to bring along their child Zoey. Jim was serving a prison sentence for violating procreation laws by fathering his third child Zoey and is subsequently sent to jail. There are two other Shannon children. Josh, the oldest, who had to leave his girlfriend behind and is trying to get her through on the next pilgrimage. The middle child is their daughter Maddy who is falling in love with a soldier named Reynolds.

Since arriving in Terra Nova there have been many discoveries. The sixers can actually send messages back and forth through time. And they claim that they have been sent to over throw Taylor. Mira is the head of the sixers and Taylor’s son has derived the equations to get the messages through time.

Maddy is not certain she wishes to follow in the foot steps of her Mother and become a doctor she is a bit squeamish.

Zoey is just being to adjust to Terra Nova.

And Josh will do anything he can to get his girlfriend through even if that means spy on Terra Nova and betray the colony. His desperation knows no boundaries.

And it would seem humans are flawed no matter what age they live in on their plant. They are subject to violence and vices just as they always have been.

Terra Nova: Proof Trailer

Maddy and Zoey

Recap of the Show

Amazingly enough Taylor mentions his son's name Lucas and he seems not to have known Lucas is with the sixers. Jim catches a prehistoric Marlin which almost pulls him in the ocean. Maddy gets to meet a famous geologist. Josh has to steal medicine for the sixers in order to get his girlfriend to Terra nova.

Drugs were stolen from the Hospital but there is no real use for drugs in Terra Nova but the sixers need them.

Maddy believes Horton is not who he claims he is but his DNA checks out.

Taylor saves an outcast from being eaten by what looks like a Komodo Dragon.

Josh returns some of the drugs so his Mother's patient doesn't die.

This show was excellent but I do not wish to spoil the ending for you for I am stopping before the show is over. I think Terra Nova was well worth seeing this week.

Taylor and Reynolds


Logic seems to be a miss in quatum physics but this show has some very interesting sub plotlines. It is very theological in an attempt to draw in all religious backgrounds even Islam with the reference to paradise. The plot line is very ecologically friendly but at the core the show is too fundamental. It attempts to be too many things instead of just good fun entertainment. The mystery if the equations, the dinosaurs, and the sixers would have been enough to continue the show through several seasons but general audiences many not be ready for the quatum physics lessons as entertainment. Undoubtably the average High School student could explain quatum physics but is it good entertainment?

Also does the average television viewer believe in global warming? It has been a hard sell throughout the media.

Personally, I liked the show and my son enjoyed watching it. It just was too religious for us. We would have loved the science fiction series with dinosaurs which we had hope Terra Nova would stick to that plot line. It was the religious part of it that killed it for us. If we want religion we will go to Church. We do not look for morality, religion and messiah's on television programs.

But we love Science, Physics, Math and best of all the Dinosaurs!


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi WD,

      You write beautifully. And there were words in the article that were typed backwards. I fixed them after your post. Thank you!!

      That is funny if you don't make the kids cut their own bait. I will look into it for my son.

      And now that I know you are kidding it is really funny. But seriously I did type the letters off the keyboard so you are more correct then you know.

      The jokes were funny I just don't know you well enough yet to know when you atre joking and when you are pulling my leg. But I will undertsand the difference in the future.

      Thanks for your patience.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      7 years ago from Space Coast

      Some of the most intelligent people do not get my dumb jokes. I am the one who is borderline dyslexic (that is why I type slow - no matter how hard I try), and we don't make anyone cut bait.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi WD,

      One of my first langugaes is a Middle Eastern language so I read right to left as well. I don't think of it as dyslexic but multi-lingual. And I do write backwards and forwards but I try to catch everything in spell check. But how clever of you to notice.

      I went to grad school so I only type 80wpm. And I have typed the symbols off my keyboard quite literally.

      I set a schedule and I push myself really hard to make these numbers. But after Novemeber 22, I will be slowing down entirely as I will have crossed the 400 hub mark in just under six months.

      Thanks for all the great ratings and I would love feedback on the Young Americans in Paris ending. I am going to check out some of your latest publications right now.

      With great grattitude and appreciation and All My Best,


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      7 years ago from Space Coast

      How do you crank all of this stuff out? You must set that keyboard on fire. You type 200/minute? If you were borderline dyslexic, you would be forced to watch your fingers or you would type something like htis.


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