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Terra Nova: VS

Updated on April 21, 2013

Terra Nova: VS

When Taylor interrogates Boyland and drugs him. Boyland claims Taylor murdered someone and he is trying to use it as leverage to secure his safety. But because of the drugs Boyland doesn’t realize he told Jim. And when he comes out of his drug induced haze Boyland denies any knowledge of telling Jim. Jim finds the body and sends it to his wife for an autopsy.

Meanwhile Taylor is looking desperately for the mole inside Terra Nova. It turns out to be a bug with a microchip.

Mira and the sixers ambush the patrol subsequently hurting Reynolds which Maddy suddenly shows her emotions for Reynolds openly.

And Dr. Elizabeth Shannon determines that the corpus can through between pilgrimages. Jim seeks answers from Boyland. Boyland reveals that the night the body turned up Lucas disappeared.

Taylor finds out about the body and he declares the body they found is that of a boy who is a sixer. Jim and Elizabeth suspect Taylor may not be the savior of Terra Nova. They are starting to realize much of Taylor’s hold on Terra Nova is based on lies.

Malcolm repairs the dragon fly and determined the sub frequency it is homing into.

The fly homes in on the Shannon home. Taylor has set Jim up to shut him up about the body. We find out that Taylor murdered his replacement that was sent to relieve him. Lucas has was working on how to make the portal work both ways and he had succeed by bring the general over. The general was to replace Taylor and Taylor killed him in self defense. Lucas was and has been constantly trying to over throw his Father, Taylor. Without condition Taylor let Jim go.

Taylor asks Jim to protect their way of life.

Their harvest festival was rather equivalent with out Thanksgiving

Terra Nova: VS Trailer


The show was really good this week. The paradise Terra Nova is billed as is also a hell for those responsible to protect it. Taylor is looking more flawed with each episode and is less a kind to a charismatic person and more life a politician. Which given Terra Nova is a police state it really isn’t necessary for Taylor to make the effort but he does and that buys him the time he needs to struggle a bit longer to stay in power. So sad to think the evils of politics may have been around since the beginning of time as well.

I have done some research on audience of this show and it would seem it has quite a following with the Gay community. I like gay people and I like the show so it all works for me but I wonder why they like this show. Only the sixers have diversity in their ranks and perhaps homosexuals which again I haven’t yet identified on this show. And it is a family show that airs at 8pm EST and it is not appropriate to have overtly sexual (Homo or hetero) sexual relationships on the same show as dinosaurs which are marketed for children.

Actually the dinosaurs and action sequences are less so my son is less interested in this show as it progresses but I like it so I make him watch it. He just isn’t into a lot of the negative adult behaviors. I am just hoping that the directors, writers and producers move the story line back to action and dinosaurs so my son will enjoy the show more.


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