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The Watch movie review

Updated on September 14, 2012

The Watch trailer

Neighborhood watch

A movie to forget

For frequent movie goers such as my wife and I, this movie definitively received different reviews by us. In recent years we missed out on some great comedies such as kick ass, hangover, and juno, so we wondered if this would fall into those laugh your guts out movies. Unfortunately this movie missed on so many levels. From predictable jokes to just a bad story line, what we saw could only be described as forgettable.

First of all an alien race that starts it's invasion in a retail store is doomed to fail. After watching a movie like The Dark Knight Rises this movie let me down so hard. Don't get me wrong there are some funny parts, but not enough to cover up a bad script. I blame myself for this though, I read the reviews, but did not listen to the warnings. I fell asleep midway through the movie and had the misfortune of waking up just in time for some kind of gay orgy or something. At that point I was just ready to leave

Now before you think I'm just downing this movie i would have to say that there was allot of laughing going on in the crowd, including my wife. She thought that the movie was pretty funny and that everyone should go see it. In her mind it was just about having a laugh while watching a stupid movie, for me it was $20 wasted that could have gone towards I don't know lunch, a different movie, a drink, take your pick. The best part of the movie had to be hearing one of my favorite rappers Eazy E at the end.

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    • Film Fanatic 603 profile image

      Film Fanatic 603 5 years ago

      Thank you for the review. I'm a fan of the comedy genre and though I am usually satisfied as long as they throw in enough laughs, it is always better to have a well put together plot. Having read your hub I might just skip this one. If I were to see it, it would be for the sole purpose of writing my own review.