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Top Korean Dramas of 2014: Fifth Review

Updated on October 25, 2014

My Lovable Girl

Finally, Rain or Jung Ji Hoon is back in a romantic comedy after 10 years. He shot to fame after starring in Full House, which was a light-hearted rom-com. Here, he is paired with Krystal Jung (from girl band f(x)) who stars as an upcoming singer-songwriter, Sena. Rounding up the main cast are two members of Infinite, L (or Myung Soo) and Hoya who act as members of a fictitious boy band, Infinite Power. As the drama revolves around the entertainment industry, music plays an important role in this drama as well. The soundtrack is filled with lovely songs performed by its stars such as "All of a Sudden" by Krystal.

I Only Want You by Kim Tae Woo (My Lovable Girl OST)

Secret Door

If you are familiar with sageuks (Joseon period dramas), then the story of Crown Prince Sado will not be foreign to you. The premise of this drama focuses on the story leading towards Prince Sado's execution by his own father, the King Yeongjo. Lee Je Hoon puts in a sterling performance as the Crown Prince. Another interesting character is Ji Dam, played by amazing young actress, Kim Yoo Jung. She is a young writer whose books are popular in the black market. Note though that this drama is not easy to watch, with no typical romance plot, and a heavy focus on politics.

Erase and Erase by The One (Secret Door OST)

Plus Nine Boys

This drama focuses on 4 different boys/men who so happen to be ten years apart in age and are now at age 9, 19, 29 and 39 respectively. The first three are brothers and the last is their uncle who is still unmarried at 39. Oh Jung Se takes on the role of the uncle who still can't get over his ex-girlfriend who coldly rejected his marriage proposal. Kim Young Kwang plays the 29-year-old handsome and popular guy who realises that he is in love with one of his best friends, Se Young. Unfortunately for him, he has a reputation of being a casanova. Yook Sung Jae (from boy band BTOB) plays the 19-year old judo-crazy student who falls in love at first sight for Soo Ah (played by Sistar's Chorong). Last but not least, Choi Ro Woon plays the 9-year old child star who faces a big crisis with the appearance of another rising child star who threatens his "throne".

Curious by Yook Sungjae (BTOB) & Oh Seung Hee (Plus Nine Boys OST)

Cantabile Tomorrow

Cantabile Tomorrow is a remake of popular Japanese drama, Nodame Cantabile. The drama's title is a wordplay on the lead female character's name, Naeil, which also means tomorrow. Naeil is played by Shim Eun Kyung while the genius musician Yoo Jin, is played by Joo Won. As the show progresses, it is interesting to see how their chemistry improves. At the same time, I love the drama for its classical music performances from piano pieces to orchestra ensembles.

Beethoven Symphony No.3 (S Orchestra piece)

The Spring Day of My Life

After a successful appearance in Dating Agency: Cyrano, Choi Soo Young (of Girls' Generation) stars in this drama where she plays, Bom Yi, who is given a chance at life again, after receiving a heart transplant. Through a series of events, she becomes acquainted with the husband of the donor. At the same time, she is dating Dr. Kang Dong Wook (played by Lee Joon Hyuk) who is the brother-in-law of the donor. The story turns complicated and more interesting as Bom Yi discovers more and more about the truth behind her heart transplant.

I Believe by Gain (The Spring Day of My Life OST)

Bad Guys

Bad Guys play on an interesting premise whereby a police investigation team to catch a serial murderer is headed by a suspended cop (played to great effect by Kim Sang Joong of City Hunter) who left due to shady reasons. He ends up recruiting three convicts to assist with the investigation and dangles the possibility of reducing their sentence to get them to cooperate. The three convicts are as different as can be ranging from a gangster, to a genius young serial killer (played by Park Hae Jin of You Who Came From the Star fame) and a contract killer. On top of this, the team is further completed by tough female Inspector Yoo Mi Young (played by Kang Ye Won).

Bad Guys Trailer

Liar Game

Liar Game is yet another Japanese remake in this season's slew of Korean dramas. Personally, i have not watched the original so I can't make any comparison. However, I was hooked to this drama from the first episode. Kim So Eun is very believable in her role as the naive, innocent Nam Da Jung. Shin Sung Rok takes on another villainous role (after playing one in You Who Came From The Star) as Kang Do Young, the TV host who seems to only care about TV ratings and has no values at all. Lee Sang Yoon is a genius professor, Cha Woo Jin, who gets reeled into the game of lies and deception in order to help Da Jung win. It is exciting to watch as they each try to outwit one another.

Liar by Dear Cloud (Liar Game OST)

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