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True Blood; Spell Bound

Updated on October 31, 2011

Marney's Circle



Marnie/ Antonia and her convent put a spell on all of the vampires and attempt to make them walk into the light. Jessica almost walks into the light but Jason saves her. It is clear that Jason and Jessica are falling in love. Jessica breaks up with Hoyt.

Quite clearly Sookie and Eric's love grow.

Bill lures Marnie to a meeting and Tara is okay they are now killing Vampires.

Sookie is high on Eric's blood and everything is possible,

Tommy is running around as a shape shifter causing all kinds of trouble.

Mikey's governess is a ghost and Lafayette knows it maybe his Mother. Lafayette the medium is now possed by a ghost.

Sookie is determined to make Eric protect Bill and the rest of the vampires and despite Eric's request to run away Sookie refuses. Eric and Sookie offer to to fight for the vampires.

Sam makes head way with his girlfriend.

Bill meets with Antonia to make peace.

Sookie and Tara find themselves in opposites sides of the vampire witches war. Sookie is shot and Marnie places a spell on Eric


This show has it all great writing, with great plot lines and a wonderfully talented cast. As complexed as this show is it is also really funny with some of the best on liners. If you aren't completely impressed by the acting and writing the beautiful cast will take your breath away.

This is the must see television show of the season.


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