State Of Black Actresses In Hollywood

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    According to the documentary,  ANGELS CAN'T HELP BUT LAUGH,  Black actresses still have a difficult time in Hollywood although many strides have been made.    Actresses such as Malinda Williams, Tichina Arnold,  Vanessa A. Williams, Tisha Campbell, and Sheryl Lee Ralph decry limited opportunities for Black actresses in Hollywood.     They indicate that there is still a glass ceiling pertaining to Black women in the entertainment business.   

    While elite actresses such as Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, and Vanessa L. Williams have achieved extremely high levels of success,  many Black actresses are still not getting the acclaim and respect they deserve.   Many of the abovementioned actresses are in so-called urban filims and comedies which do not have a wide crossover appeal.     Actresses such as Halle Berry and Vanessa L. Williams particularly have an extremely wide crossover appeal because they appear in vehicles which have a broad appeal to all ethnic/racial groups.     

    In order for Black actresses to succeed within the Hollywood system, they must possess the ability to have the widest crossover appeal.   Vanessa L. Williams has THAT crossover appeal while Tisha Campbell, even though she is immensely talented, does not.     Let us discuss this issue!

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    It is no doubt to say that with the development of science and technology the human beings progressed in different areas of life but still the human are mentally so poor that they can't imagine the work every actress does but the beauty and the difference in colour they inspire.
    Actually it is the state of mind not the hard work done by the black actresses. Science and Technology does not enhance the state of mind. It just creates the new things and inventions

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      Interesting point!