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The post apocalyptic world

  1. Onusonus profile image80
    Onusonusposted 4 years ago

    Survivors of the apocalypse, if anyone can hear me, tell us about your experiences in the aftermath of all the destruction... 

    day one: I ran into some strange blind guy named Eli. He is taking a book to the coast. Everyone is trying to kill him for the book. It doesn't matter though because it's written in braille so Gary Oldman can't read it. I sure hope Eli doesn't get eaten by cannibals on the way.

  2. Onusonus profile image80
    Onusonusposted 4 years ago

    Now I feel like omega man...

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    Onusonusposted 4 years ago

    Post apocalyptic world, day two. The folks down town started building some kind of thunder dome so they can have fights to the death. I guess they all forgot about foot ball, and soccer.

    1. Glasso profile image60
      Glassoposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Some people left the city. They realized that rural area might be safer -- les pollutants.

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    Kangaroo_Jaseposted 4 years ago

    I came across a drifter, driving one of the last of the V8 Interceptors......

  5. Onusonus profile image80
    Onusonusposted 4 years ago

    Ah finally, contact with the outside world. It's getting kind of harry around here in what used to be called the state of Washington. The mayor Tom Petty won't even let the post man come in to deliver the mail.

  6. George Greene Jr. profile image60
    George Greene Jr.posted 4 years ago

    DAY1--The Apocalypse
    I awoke to find a fresh new layer of grayish colored snow! I still had power, so I popped a cold beer and realized I was near out of stock! My cell phone was still working so I called the local beer distributor to see if they had survived the night. Vincent answered and said yes he had but the owner and the rest were nowhere to be found. he sid to come down and not worry about the money and said if i wanted I could take all the stock of my favorite Keystone Ice  for nothing! Apparently , he explained cash doesn't have value anymore so we are now on a barter system I guess. But your loyal customer so come on down.
    I went to start the car but nothing! Apparently this apocalypse had done something with the engine. Since my neighbor has a shopping cart, I pushed it down the street to fill it as full as I could. It would take some work going thru the snow(especially back up the hill), but with no traffic I wouldn't have to worry about the streets so much.
    When I got to the beer store, Vince was waiting outside for me. he had a rifle in his hand. "not for you George" he assured me"but with the current situation I can't take chances with others"
    "You have heard from others?" I asked shockingly as I hadn't seen a soul in my 5 block journey.
    "Yes ther are some others around ,but i think they are afraid to journey out" he said. "I was able to reach my sister  in Brownsville ,but she said its just as dead there . its like the  apocalypse left some but not many. You going to push that up the hill?"
    I am going to assume your van isn't running nor any other vehicles. There are no tire tracks in the road, and by now the bus should have gone by a couple of times."
    "Yeah, strange no vehicles , but we do have electricity and cell phones"
    "And the Internet is working too" I added"but I haven't reached any of my contacts yet"

    Coming soon DAY2--The Colony

    1. Onusonus profile image80
      Onusonusposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Wow that's pretty crazy George. Today those left of the scientific field are beginning to notice that apes are getting smarter and people are getting dumberer...
      Keep your hands off of me you damn dirty Apes.

  7. George Greene Jr. profile image60
    George Greene Jr.posted 4 years ago


    Vince and I had spent the night in the beer store ,feasting on beer and the snack foods from the shelf. While sleping on beer cases is not the most comfortable thing , we made due for the need of sleep.Upon the time of awakening at about 10:30 AM,we knew we needed nourishment  of some substantial food. I made the suggestion that when I had come down the hill,I had noticed the lights on at the gas station. being a convienence store as well, I suggested that maybe we could find some food there since they had a kitchen area. Vince had found an extra gun for my use and I volunteered to check the place out.
    As I made my way down the street, I noticed that the roads had still not been traveled upon during the course of the night,( rather strange since it was a small highway that made up the main street of California PA.).. Also this was supposed to be a heavy shopping day being 3 days from Christmas.The gray snow had put another fresh coating of about an inch on the ground over the night,but still seemed to be undisturbed by anything until...
    Was I seeing things across the street? Apparently there were some rather fresh foot prints on the sidewalk leading to the gas station. They were definitely human  and apparently there was a second set. Someone had taken their dog for a walk!
    I readied the pistol in my hand making sure the safety was off and bullets ready just in case. This person could be scared as much as I am , I figured.As I got closer to the station, I could make out a figure moving about in the store. It was a female for sure and upon seeing the dog I recognized as Carol Dunmore's labrador Duncan, I knew it had to be her. Being a rather cute young woman about 30, carol was very religious. I wondered what thoughts might be going thru her mind . "Why was I not taken in the Rapture?" Why , was something I conjured up myself, being a Christian as well (albeit not a good one!). She sw me and quickly yelled out to me"George , I guess you got this town under control" pointing to the pistol in my hand. "well, I guess I can't complain to you about you wearing that dress anymore if you are the new boss around here!)
    Yes I had not realized )(or even thought about it ) my being the town cross dresser. i put the safety back on the gun and put in my purse. "Find anything?" I asked., hoping for answers about any other people.
    "Yes, the sandwiches are still fresh. Duncan has had some jerky and the coffee may be a day old but still hot.! " I could tell she was still in a bit of confusion,but I still belief she knew what I meant.
    "Seen anyone else?" I asked..
    " just Old man Charlie wandering about as usual. he was still mumbling about how Obama, how bad it was that he had been re-elected and blaming this all on him." Charlie Porter may be black, but he still despised Obama as he hated democrats in general.
    Well, we should him and start finding out who else is around,if anyone! At least we got a colony of 4 here so far as I can tell. 5 counting Duncan." I said to the lab stroking him on his head. " We need to set up something in this town. We got food here and we may have to break into the dollar store  and a couple of bars. The college has a radio station, so we have communications. "
    She nodded and agreed . It was time to set up our own little colony of survivors in this new world...

    Next...DAY 2  .. The Evening!