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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    Lessons from NWA
    1. Make sure you stay true to each other the same way as you did when the money wasn't present.
    2. Use protection. Protect yourself against exposing yourself to harm, sexually or through affiliations.
    3. Be careful who you trust and whom you put your trust in.
    4. Understand contracts and be aware that you need legal representation to understand legal language/royalties/etc. If you don't what you are signing, don't sign it. Do not trust someone words over black and white print.  If you don't understand what you are signing, don't sign it.  Paper beats words. Don't ever sign ANYTHING based on trust or smooth words of coercion.
    5. Stand for something. If you have been oppressed, harassed, targeted as an African American etc. Stand up!
    6. Riots - "We're all in the same gang!" End violence against African Americans. Fight police brutality.
    7. Challenge- How did drugs overseas get in the community? No passports for the average African American's in impoverished communities. 
    8. Forgiveness. All are human and make mistakes but never be too embarrassed or proud to tell old friends you love them and let the past stay in the past. You fall out with someone it's never too late to tell the people you love that you have love for them. Before it is too late, fix it and/or heal it. Good friends are hard to find.
    9. Stand for something. Be a voice for the experiences for others.