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Why do celebrities change their names?

  1. celeb_prankster profile image58
    celeb_pranksterposted 7 years ago

    Why do celebrities change their names?

  2. ezzy1512 profile image57
    ezzy1512posted 7 years ago

    Reason are best known to them. But how can they change their names, why people have already known them with their real names?

  3. sairakhan profile image36
    sairakhanposted 7 years ago

    because they didn't like the names their parents give them.another is reason is that to make their names easy and according to their fields.Like 50 cent i couldn't remember his original name but anybody can recognize his name 50 cent easily.

    the question is why their parents give them these names and the answer is their parents didn't know that they will be future celebrities.

  4. mcrawford76 profile image83
    mcrawford76posted 7 years ago

    I've heard of some change because someone famous already has that name. I believe Michal Keaton was one. Others I would say because they have unflattering names. And some possibly just to be catchy (ie. Cher, 50 Cent, Emenem)