Why has netflix eliminated CD's by mail?

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    penelopeSposted 6 years ago

    Why has netflix eliminated CD's by mail?

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    NateSeanposted 6 years ago

    I very much doubt the person who wrote the hub knows about the corporate level decisions of Netflix.

    Strictly speaking though, with more people downloading movies or streamlining them straight from the Internet, it's probably not very profitable to have DVD's that can get easily damaged with many different users using them.

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    N.E. Wrightposted 6 years ago

    Well, Nate Sean is partly correct.  I would not have known  about this, but another Hubber actually wrote about your question.  I read it, and shared it around a few weeks ago.

    It seems as though Netflix has had great success with only streaming in Canada for some time now.  So they want to do it in general.

    Nate Sean is also correct about damages -- I believe -- because I have had several problems with damaged DVDs, and I would need to send them back and have a replacement sent.

    There decision is about bottom line not how most households do not have Play Station, or Wii consoles for the Netflix disc to configure for streaming onto the TV set. 

    I take my son on vacations and I bring our Netflix DVDs.  I do not bring our Wii.  That would not make sense.  Most resorts have DVD players inside them.  It would cost too much for streaming.

    Well, I have my DVDs that I have to return, and in turn receive new ones.  I cannot wait.  LOL.

    Thank you for your question.  I appreciate it.

    Take Care,