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Why do reality shows have finales when the drama starts right back up?

  1. ReneeDC1979 profile image60
    ReneeDC1979posted 3 years ago

    Why do reality shows have finales when the drama starts right back up?

  2. Zelkiiro profile image94
    Zelkiiroposted 3 years ago

    It's because "Reality TV" is just as staged and fictional as regular TV. Sure, the contestants and/or people who own the stores aren't actors, but the producers and the directors nudge and prod to get the situations they want, and they edit the crap out of everything.

    You can read more about it on Cracked, under the article called "5 Secrets to Making Reality TV They Don't Want You to Know."

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image60
      ReneeDC1979posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      i do think there are plenty of parts staged and edited for more drama for the week - but i think the shows should just go on and on and on without the break in between since the drama will be shown each episode whether it happened that way or not

  3. janshares profile image98
    jansharesposted 3 years ago

    Good point, ReneeDC. I think I recall "back in the day" with the prime time drama series, the last show was called the "Series Cliffhanger, not the finale. We were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what would happen and have to wait over the summer for the drama to continue in the next season. There were no, "Coming up next" trailers. I guess in reality TV, you can't suspend the drama like in a fictitious story. But you're right, it's definitely not a finale.

    1. ReneeDC1979 profile image60
      ReneeDC1979posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah cliffhangers are awesome and i hate them at the same time because they always come up right at the good part and you have to wait a whole week for the conclusion - geeez - smile -but with reality tv who knows - thanks janshares-keep hubbing

  4. deecoleworld profile image81
    deecoleworldposted 3 years ago

    For finales perhaps its provide closure and give a sense of completion. You know how movies and fictional TV shows often have endings. They are done with that particular situation or story-line and they wanna move on. Reality show series (like Love and Hip Hop/ Real Housewives, etc.) are like regular fiction based shows. They need a series of dramas and resolutions to continue the story. As the story continues through each season, the old drama is still there but it isn't fresh anymore and need something in its place. Even so, reality shows doesn't have much of a plot but more like a theme (like love, relationships, friendships, etc.) and an angle (hip hop industry, society issues, bad behavior in youth). By the way it makes it easier for fans/viewers to move on to reunions and new seasons

    For reunions: Mostly for ratings, but also perhaps for the fans.... Perhaps for the contestants/cast members to clear up things, explain the situation more from a fresh and more rational perspective and approach, to see where the contestants/cast members stand. This because filming is filmed months before and perhaps they don't feel the same way anymore or something has change.
    Drama starts right back up because they are reliving it when they keep talking and hearing about it. Imagine if something happened three months ago that made you upset wouldn't you be first angered/annoyed/etc. then start thinking about it it will hurt/piss you off, which turns to DRAMA).