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Buy The Best Silver Cross Pram

Updated on June 4, 2012

Silver Cross Pram

The Silver Cross Pram has been described as The Rolls Royce of prams, and also quite affectionately known as Bentleys for babies.

The King of prams, was first used by the Royal Family in 1926, when the Queen Mother ordered a Silver Cross Pram for the Queen. The Queen herself chose the Silver Cross for her baby son Prince Charles,and a further generation along Princess Anne was presented with the elegant pram for her Children.

Lily Allen, the rapper P Diddy and Gwyneth Paltrow are the latest fans of the Silver Cross Pram and are regularly seen with this traditional design.

Planes to Prams

An ex-postman by the name of William Wilson, first came up with the design for the pram in 1877, and it was in Silver Cross Street , Leeds where the first pram was constructed.

The production of the Silver Cross moved forward. However during the war the factory was taken over to make parts for the Hurricanes and Spitfires.Wilson applied the techniques of aircraft building to his prams and a new generation of the baby's pram was born.

Silver Cross Prams Today

The Balmoral was actually the fore runner of the original design and is still in production today.

Silver Cross has joined the baby boom and today has many other designs and accessories. There is a range of car seats and buggies, these being mass produced abroad.

For children who love playing with dolls there are now Silver Cross Doll's prams to add to their accessories.

The classic Silver Cross prams that form the Heritage range are still built in by hand in Yorkshire and this great British design is still in demand and growing into a cult status worldwide,


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