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Infant Care For Summer

Updated on October 22, 2011

Infants are our little bundle of happiness. Summer is season when you have to be a bit extra conscious regarding cares of the baby. Many moms think that its winter when you’re baby needs to be attended more carefully but you have to be careful for your baby as well.

Keep The Baby Hydrated

Keep your baby hydrated as much as possible. Water could help best in fighting with summer and rise in temperature.

Water helps maintain pH level of the body which drops down so quickly in summers. If your baby is less than six months of the age then it would be better to consult doctor before increasing the amount of water.

Light Food

Switch to some light and easy to digest baby food. In summers, even we elders, are not in mood to have something heavy and stuffy then how could babies have that.

It would be better to give baby some light food. To assure full supply of nutrients shorten the meal intervals. For infants, mother feed is the best diet for all seasons.

Don’t Leave Prepared Food Open And Out

At high temperature, baby food gets spoiled very quickly. Be very careful about that, this may be severe vomiting or may be diarrhea.

Diarrhea in many cases reported as severe as cause of death. The main ingredient of baby food is milk and it could get spoiled due to high temperature. So, prepare the baby just at the mealtime, if it is still some in plate immediately put it in refrigerator. 

Keep a clean and ventilated room.
Keep a clean and ventilated room.

Proper Ventilation Is Must

Make sure that the room in which baby live is properly ventilated. Poor ventilation can cause suffocation in high temperature.

Use fans and air conditioners to assure comfort for the baby and for lowering the room temperature. Use curtain light and soft curtains on windows. Spraying water on curtains can also help in lowering the room temperature.

Keep an eye on these crawling maniacs.
Keep an eye on these crawling maniacs.

Keep An Eye Open Creepy And Crawly Things

Summers time is insects’ time. Mosquitoes, spiders, ants and other type of insects come out in summer. You must have an open on these things. These could sting and cause irritation and itching to your little darling buddle happiness.

Use insecticide, better to pick the odorless one, in corners of the rooms. Put stuffing if there is any hole in corners of the roof. When spraying, keep the baby out of that place, at least for 4 – 6 hours so the fumes on spray spread out in the air and do not harm the baby. 

Be Careful When Going In Sun

Baby’s skin is so soft and so sensitive. Direct exposure to sun can damage it so badly. Use mild and skin friendly sun screen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15-30.

Use the sun-screen in a bit excessive amount at least 15 minutes before going out in sun. Do not stay too long in open sun as it could be risky for baby.

Take Proper Measure For Transportation

If you have to transport from a place to another with baby, then you have to a bit more caution than usual. Do not leave the baby is car alone, not even for a single minute, do not matter how comfy or airy the car is, so not leave the baby alone.

The vehicles temperature shoots up faster than you can think of. So, it could be pretty much dangerous leaving the baby in car alone. If possible do travel in evening time when temperature is lower than day time.

Opt a way that is more urban so, you could easily buy something if you need it on the way. If you’re using car seat for the baby be sure it is light and soft, heavy and stuffy material could make baby sweat. 

Keep Baby Clang With You At Pool Side

Summer time is picnic time. We all enjoy doing picnic at beaches and poolside. But this type of picnics can be dangerous for the babies.

It is necessary to keep the baby just within your arm length, do not go near to water with him, even if you know to swim, your baby doesn’t know it. He can sank even the water is shallow. So, stay away from water side as long as you’re with the baby.   


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