Parenthood-Ready Or Not!

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    Many people are clearly not ready for parenthood and the responsibility that it entails. There are many people who idealize parenthood; however, the realities and responsibilities of parenthood sets in, they are completely overwhelmed to say the least !   There was an Anne Landers' column 3 decades ago which stated that over 50% of the people stated that if they had to do over, they would not become parents at all.    In essence, only a few people avidly want to become parents and are up for its responsibilities.   Many people just go through the motions.  Do you agree with this premise?

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    recommend1posted 5 years ago

    Why don't you cut to the chase and tell us why you are so obsessed with parenthod, big families etc ?  I think you will find many sympathetic hubbers here whose comments may help ou to come to terms with whatever your real issues are.

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      gmwilliamsposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Recommend1:  I have no issues at all.  I have led a very fulfilled life as a childfree, single career woman with lots of interests and hobbies.   You may have some issues but I do not!   Look at yourself and analyze yourself please!   

      I have done extensive study on child psychology, the sociology of the family, birth order, population growth, and the impact of family size on children.   In college, my majors were sociology and history.   Also I have read books on the subjects outside of college.    I also have a collection of books on the subject of birth order by Dr. Kevin Leman, child and adolescent psychology, and books on the oldest, middle, only, and youngest children.    I also have personal experience with these subjects as I have parents, relatives, distant relatives, friends, acquaintances, and others who fit into these categories. 

      Before I was rudely interrupted,  I want to elucidate that by the state of many of our children in society, it seems that many people do not take parenthood with the seriousness and solemnity that it deserves.   When one has children, one should be as good and responsible a parent as possible.   Many parents have their own agenda and are not concerned about how their behavior affect their children. 

      Our children are precious and they are entitled to the utmost of love, attention, and the best that life has to offer period.   If you are not concerned about children, well ,that is YOUR  problem!  Well, I am
      I am concerned with children.  Even though, I am not a parent and that is by choice.   I believe that all children are ours and we as evolved human beings should be concerned about the welfare of children.  After all, they are our future.   Furthermore, how we treat our precious children is very indicative of the type of society we live in.

      Our precious children are our most precious resource and are the MOST VULNERABLE among us.  I had good parents and hopefully you did also.  However, there are many children who did not have good and caring parents and this is clearly evident by what is occurring among us.