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Calling the police on your loud, violent neighbors. When to call? Pros and cons

  1. LowellWriter profile image78
    LowellWriterposted 8 years ago

    Calling the police on your loud, violent neighbors. When to call? Pros and cons of calling.

  2. profile image42
    Doug.posted 8 years ago

    That could be dangerous so I would give it much consideration before you do so.There also could be some retaliation should you go that route.

  3. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    I would personally speak to them in a nice way and ask them to keep the noise down.  Calling the Police should be a very last resort as this could bring bad blood b/w you and your neighbours.

    Advantages of calling the police.
    The problem is rectified immediately - but it could only be for that day.  They could be noisy again the next day, just to antagonise you.  (Are you gonna call the police everyday?)

    Disadavantages (I could do a Hub on it - Answer would be too long).
    Also, if they are that noisy, leave other people to complain about it and hope it gets sorted. As Doug wrote - it could be dangerous if you call the Police.

    Your call - good luck.

  4. CennyWenny profile image81
    CennyWennyposted 8 years ago

    Are your neighbors owners or renters? If they are renters it might be more productive to call their landlord, who could in turn serve them with a notice to comply with the rental agreement or vacate. But like I said, this is only an option if they are renters and if the landlord cares.

  5. LowellWriter profile image78
    LowellWriterposted 8 years ago

    Unfortunately, I think my neighbors own the house. It's a two family house with their buddies being the offical owners. We (my family and I) have tried speaking with them, but they don't care. They are as uncouth as you can get. They are constantly having loud parties that usually end with a drunken verbal battle up and down the street. They enjoy getting into fist fights that include slamming each other up against our fence. They have a dog that is constantly whining to go in, but all they seem to do is throw food at it and ignore it.I personally haven't had a good night's rest since they moved in because they are so loud regardless of the time of day/night. With summer coming, I am very nervous about what could happen. We are peaceful people, but we are at the end of our ropes.