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    Help helpposted 8 years ago


        i dont like my fiance to talk to his mom cause i dont think she likes me. but she really does...  and i think that he like her more than me which he dont i need help realising that have you had this problem and if you fixed it how i need help my relationship is on the line

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    SEO IT!posted 8 years ago

    Stop trying to control your fiance. the fact is, putting yourself between him and his mother makes YOU the bad guy. You need to encourage him to have a good relationship with her. The truth is that a guy's relationship with his mother has an impact on how he treats his partner.  His love for his mom SHOULD be as strong as his love for you -- just different.

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    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    When you love someone you're happy to know they have a good relationship with their family and friends.  Loving someone is supposed to be about your being concerned with their happiness and wellbeing - not your own.

    The relationship between a mother and her son (or daughter) is one thing.  The relationship a couple has is a completely different thing.  They're "like comparing apples to oranges".  He loves his mother in  one way; and if he loves you it's a whole other way.  I think your problem is not sorting that out and in trying to measure and compare the two different kinds of relationships.