Do You Feel Its Time For Child Support Reform? Do You Feel The System Is Bias?

  1. DonLeo profile image60
    DonLeoposted 9 years ago

    Do You Feel Its Time For Child Support Reform? Do You Feel The System Is Bias?

    If you feel that the child support system is being abused, If you feel its being used as a tool to wreck havoc in someone life, if your fed up of hearing stories or have a family member suffering or you yourself are a victim of this abusive and bias system. Share your story with me. Spread the word! Encourage others to come and share there story with me as well because as one man Im nothing but together we are strong, we are powerful and together we will see change. I can not allow this to go on any longer. The time is now to FIGHT BACK!

  2. dabeaner profile image61
    dabeanerposted 9 years ago

    There should be NO child support required from any man -- single, married, formerly married -- unless the mother can produce a legal document signed by the man that he agrees with the woman's decision to have the child instead of aborting it.

    The final decision whether to have a child or to abort it is always the woman's decision.  (At least in an enlightened non-christian, non-muslim societies.)

    Furthermore, if the woman goes ahead and has the child without the man's agreement, not only should she not get child support from the man, but she should also not get it from the state (or national) government.  NO AID TO DEPENDENT CHILDREN (ADC).

    If ADC is allowed, a condition to receive it should be SPAYING.

    Enough is enough of these bimbos with their "need to breed" having litters with no thought of consequences.

    And scrw all you conservative religious wackos and liberal whiners if you don't agree.

  3. abu-murad profile image57
    abu-muradposted 7 years ago

    It's not only sight- but sound, touch and interaction with people and things that help an infant make those crucial, early brain-developing neural connections. And when it comes to language, it's important to start early -- talking, singing and reading to infants from birth, long before they start producing words.
    At about age one, the brain has laid the foundation for a language system-By age two, it labels sounds. Sentence structure comes next. If there is an interruption in the input, there will be an interruption in the language.
    Neuroscientists say that just as children become hard-wired for language (both their native tongue and foreign language) more easily during a certain window of time, so too a window exists for learning coordinated motor skills and music. This means that to help children be more athletic or musical later in life, you should encourage them to run and play games and instruments especially during the time of brain development for those skills.
    The brain must learn to relax and concentrate at an early age, too. When parents pack too many activities into a child's schedule, they may be overlooking important lessons that just relaxing together or concentrating on one task at a time teaches the brain-Children learn from cuddle time, too.
    As principal architects of their child's development, parents should strike a balance between stimulating experiences that get those brain circuits working and quiet times for nurturing. By making sure that time spent with their children is good quality time with plenty of interaction and support-parents won't have to worry so much about when their child learns what. Healthy development will come as a natural response to their warmth and care.


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