What Type Of Help Do Single Mothers Need The Most?

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    Isabella T.posted 7 years ago

    What Type Of Help Do Single Mothers Need The Most?

    Hi my name is Isabella, I am a single mother  of 3 beautiful girls. At one point I was in big financial trouble, my light was cut off, I had no food for my kids and i was about to get evicted from my apartment.

    Because of the help I received from a very special family, I am no longer in that situation. Now I have the ability to help others just like that family helped me. I want to know what types of help do single mothers need the most?

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    savannah9728posted 7 years ago

    hi my name is savannah i am 13 and i know how all that feels my mom was single for a while because my dad had left my mom for drugs and went to prison and beat her.my mom was having trouble with me my lil sister and brother for a while so she went to the state and got help...and she got a babysitter to watch us kids and than she found the right guy which is now my step dad who supports us and loves us to death.i think you should go get help from the state.

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    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Financial help, emotional support, help to take care of kids when need arises. More than anything they just need to be told that they are doing their best to keep them going on.
    Helping them find jobs to support themselves ( she should not feel that she and her children are living on charity) and helping them take advantage of all government assistance