Was it difficult to come to the decision to adopt?

  1. sueroy333 profile image76
    sueroy333posted 7 years ago

    Was it difficult to come to the decision to adopt?

    Did you both decide at the same time,  did one of you take a little longer to come around than the other?

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    CathyandDaveAdoptposted 7 years ago

    by Dave,

    Let me tell you how we came to the Adoption Option...

    Cathy and I ALWAYS thought we had plenty of time to have kids.

    Like most newlywed couples we started out dirt broke. A lot of our time was spent working and saving. We sacrificed. we tightened the belt.

    I went to broadcasting school, which led to a career change.

    We always thought we were lucky and blessed that we didn't have the added struggle and stress of having an extra mouth or more to feed through all that we have gone through.

    Four years ago, we decided to settle down, drop anchor, plant roots, put the covered wagon up on blocks, break down the moving boxes one FINAL time...you get the idea.

    Cathy got a position with great health benefits and we decided to look into starting a family. We started a fertility program.

    Uh-uh. Imagine your favorite sitcoms funniest moments. Like Chandler, on Friends at the doctors office with the specimen tupperware.

    The doctor got the all the test results back. Cathy had cancer. a few weeks later she had surgery. As she was recovering, we talked about adoption.

    Every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day...and the birth of every one of her children...along with every milestone moment from the first cooing and farting to his or her wedding day.

    What does a guy need? Beer, pizza and a remote with a mute button.

    I will admit that as we've progressed over the last four years, I have noticed a ginormous gaping hole in my persona that three bassets will never fill.

    I'm not just talking about legacy. I'm talking about passing on imprtant values, like the proper way to execute an armpit fart; an appreciation of Blazing Saddles, including the beans scene; and, Gibbs' Rule #55, never, EVER fart in a small, enclosed space.

    Was it difficult to come to the decision to adopt? No. We both want kids. We just can't have them the old-school way.

    Did we both decide at the same time? Yeah. Did Cathy come to the decision before I did? Yeah. A part of me will always be satisfied with just her. Kids are the icing - a little ala mode - with a cherry on top.

    Now, the more I see co-workers, friends, and family with kids, I'm passionate to "git 'er done" now and get on to the next stage.

  3. instantlyfamily profile image82
    instantlyfamilyposted 7 years ago

    No ...Once the decision was made it was as though a huge weight had been lifted. For once, I felt certain that I would finally become a mom.