How are raising a boy and girl different?

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    gamergirlposted 7 years ago

    How are raising a boy and girl different?

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    How are raising a boy and girl different?
    It's not. You treat them as individuals, according to their nature. You teach them to respect other people and treat others as they would wish to be treated.They should each have their chores to do and have equal pocket money etc. A boy needs to learn to be responsible in his relationships but so does a girl.

    How can parents help boy and girl achieve their potential?
    Nature vs. Nurture... While society does place different norms of behavior on girls than boys, ...
    The answers to gender role differentiation
    Behavior of girls & boys, there are also some inherent differences in the genders and how they each are "wired."
    Testosterone in the blood, - before puberty, boys and girls have the same level.
    Everyone Has Feelings, there is not a gender difference in terms of emotional vulnerability.
    One of the best things parents can do to nurture emotional health in children of both genders is to teach them to talk about their feelings.
    While there are inherent differences in the genders, there are also societal norms and expectations that are subconsciously enforced by many people. Boys are expected to hide their vulnerable feelings and "act like a big boy." They're expected to be strong and tough and are frowned upon if they are interested in nurturing activities like playing with dolls. Girls are expected to be pretty and sweet and are frowned upon if they are interested in cars or super heroes rather than dolls. Boys are called "sissy," and girls are called "tomboy."
    It is healthy for your child to talk about the way they feel about things, so that you can help your young ones, in deal with their Feelings appropriately.

    "Boys who are encouraged to show their nurturing and loving emotions will grow up to be loving fathers and do well in relationships with women. Girls who are encouraged to be assertive and self confident will have a greater chance for success in life".

    Balance and moderation … irls.shtml

    self-discipline and self-control

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    Most mothers will say: girls are more independent than boys. Girls emotional development is faster than boys. Boys needs more support and hang up more time, a period of time, longer time to their mother. This also includes emotional separation when a boy starts going to a nursery school. Of course this is individual...some boys may develop indepence like a girl without any difference, but most mothers feedback is so that in the future it explains the emotional maturity of men which comes in a bit late period than women.