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What are some family activities that can be done for under $20?

  1. aDayInMyLife1 profile image89
    aDayInMyLife1posted 6 years ago

    What are some family activities that can be done for under $20?

  2. cat on a soapbox profile image95
    cat on a soapboxposted 6 years ago

    Most large cities have schedules for free festivals, concerts, parades, etc, Find areas to take hikes, picnic,fly kites, and play sports. As a family, sign up for community service projects.

  3. Juliek958 profile image59
    Juliek958posted 6 years ago

    Picnics and parks are always good.  Church activities and volunteering at community soup kitchens or even senior centers.  My town has a $2 movie theater which doesn't show the new feature films but is still fun.  I grew up with family game night - board games, the old fashioned board games are still under $20.

  4. profile image0
    susanm23bposted 6 years ago

    Many national parks and state parks have very small or no admittance fees.  A picnic of foods you have prepared at home, stopping by a bakery for a special cookie,etc for dessert and a hike is a great way to spend family time.  My family has done this many times.

  5. jacqui2011 profile image82
    jacqui2011posted 6 years ago

    You could have a family games night, playing charades, board games and interactive games on the wii etc.

    Movie nights are good fun too, get the kids to make some popcorn and watch a selection of films together.

    Depending on the age of the children, they may like to make cookies, cupcakes or chocolates. Most kids love to bake and create some mouthwatering treats.

    Have a crafts day. Wrap up warm and go for a cycle or a play in the park. A winter barbeque can be fun.

    Some bowling alleys offer deals for taking kids early morning at the weekends. Check out your local library and community center for deals on various activities and events in your area.

  6. aDayInMyLife1 profile image89
    aDayInMyLife1posted 6 years ago

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm fairly new to NC and trying to figure it all out.

  7. savanahl profile image70
    savanahlposted 6 years ago

    For outdoor stuff I love taking the kids downtown to the farmer's market. There's so much activities and fresh, healthy things to eat for cheap.
    For indoor activities, depending on how old your kids are, I love doing art activities. We break out the construction paper colors, paints glitter etc. and do fun activities. You can even do seasonal themes using outdoor stuff like feathers and leaves etc.

  8. xethonxq profile image66
    xethonxqposted 6 years ago

    Go to the park, take a bike ride, go on a hike, volunteer at the humane society, visit and spend time with people at a retirement center, have a picnic....

  9. Cardia profile image94
    Cardiaposted 6 years ago

    A nice trip to the local park to play frisbee or take photos would cost very little if at all, and would be very enjoyable.

    Going to watch a star-fall/meteorite shower would be fun, and would cost nothing at all! You would have to look it up online for the date and location closest to you. Then you could take a blanket, flashlight and snacks to the local park (once you have permission!) or even to your roof or balcony, and watch the shower. It's fun, and would teach the kids a little science.

    Hope this helped!