I have this friend whose just like family but...

  1. CrystalSingleton profile image60
    CrystalSingletonposted 10 years ago

    Do you have a friend you have known so long you consider them family? I do. I have a hard time with it sometimes too because I think they take advantage of the fact that I will always be there. Just like I have sisters, I would always be there for them. I guess I feel the same way about her. I don't know how anyone can get into a fight with family and go years without talking to them. I know it happens all the time but how I can not fathom. Not to venture off subject but my friend has been told time and time about her selfish ways and not by me although her lack of concern for the people around her really brings me down. It's not like I haven't told her. What next?

  2. wychic profile image90
    wychicposted 10 years ago

    Sadly it can be hard to get through to someone that they're being selfish...but at least rest assured that life has a way of coming full circle and her actions now will affect her in the future.

    I, too, have someone who is like a sister to me...we've known each other since we were three, our mothers are best friends, and she used to live with us during the summers while we lived with her during the winters. When we moved to a new town she and her mom briefly moved to Kansas, then relocated to the town we'd moved to. Over the years we've shared some pretty unforgettable times...she cut my son's umbilical cord, and I cut her daughter's...and plenty of fights and fierce sibling rivalry. Now we live 100 miles apart and barely a month goes by that one of us doesn't go visit the other or a week go by that one of us doesn't call.

    I guess I won the lottery with her...yes, I think she takes my help for granted,  but in this case it doesn't matter because I know she will always respond in kind...whatever I need she'll bend over backwards to help me out. Now I know her better and am much closer to her than I am to my biological sister, which is pretty funny considering that my real sister isn't much older than me (I'm 21, my "other sister" is 22, my sister is 23). Now I'm sitting here pondering nearly 19 years of extremely close friendship (and having just signed as a witness at her wedding) and can't help but be certain that it will continue for the rest of our lives and I'm hoping our kids will be able to find that same kind of friendship (maybe with each other?) sometimes in their lives.

  3. Talem profile image62
    Talemposted 10 years ago

    I feel the same way.  I have a few close friends, but these close friends are connected to me in a very intimate way.  And sometimes I get the feeling they are taking for granted what I do for them. But this feeling passes.  I wouldn't dwell on it.  Close friends are akin to relationships.  That it can get so personal that the littlest disturbance creates a problem that should be ignored.