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What, if you have, said to bad parents in public about their kids?

  1. RavenBiker profile image60
    RavenBikerposted 5 years ago

    What, if you have, said to bad parents in public about their kids?

    Kids are kids and they desire guidance and parenting.  What can you say to their adult guardians when their charge (kids) have been rude, disresectful and nasty in public??

  2. pstraubie48 profile image87
    pstraubie48posted 5 years ago

    I hestitate to judge a parent as good or bad. There have been times when I have disapproved of how something was handled involving a child and it happened in front of me.
    I do not know what has preceded the incident that I see happen so I have tunnel vision in a sense about what I think I am witnessing. But I have spoken to the child with the parent standing there telling them that if they were my child and they behaved as they were behaving, they would be punished. For example, a child throwing a temper tantrum because they want a certain toy. The parent gives them the toy to stop the scene.
    I think parents 'cave' in public to avoid embarrassment. Not me. I dealt with behavior issues as they happend and have written about positive chlld discipline on hubpages.
    And if I did not answer the question exactly ...it is for the reasons stated.

  3. Froggy213 profile image48
    Froggy213posted 5 years ago

    This can be a tough call; first we must look in a mirror and think about what our children have done and we must also recall how we "screwed up" in parenting at times.
    Of course it would all depend on the circumstance, but I usually find that confronting with a smile and with love is the first key. Usually telling how we handled our kids through similar incidents always keeping a firm grip on the parent's attitude during the encounter.
    I must say, be careful in doing this, because some adults are worse than kids and will be vengeful. There are people that can be called too. Sometimes allowing a kid to run rampant is a form of child abuse and there are many out there who work towards stopping abuse.
    I, personally, am a big fan of BACA--Bikers Against Child Abuse and even wrote a hub promoting this great organization.

  4. suebee62 profile image59
    suebee62posted 5 years ago

    I don't believe that are any bad parents or bad children, or bad people.  I believe that what makes them "bad" or "good" is the choices that they make.  Being a parent is not easy and it certainly does not come with an instruction manual.  We as a society tend to parent the way we were parented, by choices we have made, things that have happened to us growing up, things we read, and how society dictates to us how we should parent, not to mention the government.  Have I ever said anything to anyone that parents more rough than me, yes, but not to judge them or condemn them, but to offer advice or insight that they might have not known.  If I feel that a child is in real danger to where the parents are going overboard with there actions, then I would and have called CPS.  If a parent is going to be what seems like to rough or border line abuse in their actions to their child when in public, then you know their actions and treatment of the child will be worse in the privacy in their own home.