What makes you a better person?

  1. annerie hernandez profile image72
    annerie hernandezposted 5 years ago

    What makes you a better person?

    There are times in our lives that we can't help but say that we're better than other people, but what makes us better individuals?
    Remember, Being a better person is entirely different from feeling like a better person.

  2. oldersister profile image81
    oldersisterposted 5 years ago

    I think what makes us better individuals is our sense of morality.  Always trying to do and say the right thing makes you a better person .  Both physically and spiritually.  Being a better person or what we call a good person allows you to  go through life  with a clean conscience , free of quilt and in return it makes you a happier person.  Doing the right thing makes you a better person.   Not only does it make you a better person it will also make you feel better about yourself,  but then this question is not about how you feel. 

    There are also the people that think they are better than other people.  Those people think that others are beneath them, whether it is due to lack of morals, money, integrity , social status, one might think they are better than another person.  But that does not make them any better.