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I become often depressed even for little things how do I avoid that????

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    pi123divyaaposted 3 years ago

    I become often depressed even for little things how do I avoid that????

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    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    Do things that make you happy. Depend more on self happiness. Don't be attached to the moods or opinions of others. Learn to laugh more. Make friends with good people. Pay less attention to the world and the news. Watch your thoughts and what you are constantly thinking about. Think better thoughts. Find ways to solve problems quickly and move on with your life. Joy is always up to you.

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    eleonorabelpassiposted 3 years ago

    Probably you are not satisfied with your life, or what you do.

    Spend some time with yourself and truly understand what you want to do during the day, maybe there's a passion that you can not grow due to laziness or excuses ...

    Remember that you're the most important person for yourself.
    Perhaps what makes you happy is in front of you, you just get up and take it!
    Do not waste time moping, it's just wasted time that you could use to make you happy!
    good luck

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    Some great comments already & I'd like to add, that we can only feel depressed when we think about our problems/worries etc..So the trick is instead of thinking about our problems/worries, we have to get pro-active & start tackling them head on..So we start with the small one's, get good at solving those one's, then move on to the bigger one's..So we get a plan together of what we really want in life, & then start the plan..If we get stuck somewhere we just go back & "adjust" our plan slightly, in the knowledge that if we carry on like that we will get what we want eventually..I always recommend starting at the beginning, so we start with our mental health, physical health/fitness & basic finances in order to do the previous one's..I'm pretty sure that we don't actually ever "feel" depressed, but only ever "think" we're depressed..So it's often a trick of the mind, especially if it's small things that depress us..So do a lot of mindful meditating practice (Eckhart Tolle, utube), & watch some Joe Rogan Podcasts also on utube, to get some great advice & motivation..Now it took me around 6/7/8 months to completely turn my mind around, but i was very depressed for a long time before i started all this..All i can say now is that nothing fazes me any more, & if i get a problem now i see it for what it really is, & that's another chance to learn something about my self..Once you realise like i did that your not your mind OR anything it says, your'l start to see all your problems disappear..Your mind & what it tells you is only a story that's been built up over the years, & it's mostly from other peoples opinions of you..So you do all that iv'e said & remind yourself often that you "don't" know the future, & it's got just as much chance of being amazing as it has of being crap..The best part is that once you realise that your not your mind or anything it says, you will get excited & your whole life will start to change..But, & there is a but, it requires practice, a lot of practice..Watch the vids by Eckhart Tolle on the ego mind & emotions/feelings control, then practice what he recommends..THEN, go back & watch them all again, then practice some more & so on....If you think you've got it but it isn't working, then you simply haven't got it yet..You can have this cracked by the time the summer gets here, so the sooner you start the better.

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      Dave36posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      A good place to start is with: Oprah Winfeys Soul Series with Eckhart Tolle..6 x 1hr vids.

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    krillcoposted 3 years ago

    Please consider consulting a licensed professional counselor; depression, even small signs can escalate into something more serious.