What are the pros and cons in adopting homeschooling for children?

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    Padmajah Badriposted 2 years ago

    What are the pros and cons in adopting  homeschooling  for children?

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    denise.w.andersonposted 2 years ago

    I have several relatives that have home-schooled their children. They have several reasons for doing so. First, they want to control the information that their children receive. They don't like the fact that the schools have "watered down" the information we are giving our children. They want to focus on the classics in literature and music, and science as taught with a scriptural tonality.

    Secondly, they want to keep their children away from others who would demean, criticize, and even bully their children. They want to protect their delicate feelings of self-worth, and make sure that they feel loved and accepted.

    The third reason for home schooling is often connected to students that are either gifted and talented, or have disabilities. Parents want to give their children the best education possible under these circumstances, and therefore, choose the curriculum they will receive, and how they will be taught.

    My husband is a school administrator. His point of view is very different from those of these relatives who home school. He sees the education system as a way to standardize the information that is given to our children so that we have a knowledgeable electorate and/or work force. We are able to make sure that all children are able to read, write, and do arithmetic, and keep our society on an even keel.

    In his desire to be effective in his position, however, my husband focuses on an individual relationship with his teachers, staff, and students. He makes sure that they know that he cares for them as individuals and strives to see that their needs are met. This has endeared him to them, and he has been very successful as a result.

    Not all schools have this type of philosophy, however, and those who home school claim that school is simply a mass production line where we turn out clones that will do what the government wants.

    We have found in our own family, that as parents, we have a responsibility to work with the school to see that our children are successful. No matter what type of schooling we choose for our children, it is our job to see that they learn what will help them to be successful in the future.

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      Very great reply. You have described the essence of schooling for children. I also agree with your views completely.

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