I get child support for my son. I recently lost my job & had to move out of town

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    Chelley3posted 6 months ago

    I get child support for my son. I recently lost my job & had to move out of town temporarily.

    My son had to go live with his father...until I can get back on my feet.  My ex-husband stopped giving me child support.  Isn't this contempt of court?  This is temporary!  Wouldn't he have to take me back to court to change the child support papers?  He never took his son when he was supposed to, as per our custody agreement, for the last 3 years & I never got a break from kids or groceries, etc.

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    dashingscorpioposted 6 months ago


    These are questions for your divorce attorney or the judge who signed off on the child support arrangements. Having said that if you are no longer the primary care giver of the child it's very likely the judge will say your ex isn't required to (support you).
    That money is being used to take care his son who is (with him).

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    marishka26posted 5 months ago

    This happened to me years ago, not exactly in your situation but my ex asking the Judge if he had to pay when he took his two children for holiday! The judge turned to him and said, "Is she not still holding a bedroom, a roof over their heads and food in their stomach. Now you didn't say how long he had to take his son for. This is the debating question. Yes you still have to do as I said however, if he has your son for lets say 6mths. Then "no" unfortunately, he would not have to pay support. The only real way you can find out is to take him back to court. Yes, you did the right thing in having your son go with his father, yet I would say the Judge would likely say again, as I wrote. If he is supporting you as well, then yes the payments should still be coming through. Something tells me though that your ex checked everything out, meaning he crossed his "t's" and dotted his "i's" or he likely would not have taken him. I wish you much luck however like I said it really depends on the length of time he actually has had to take him for.