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Where Are Our Examples

  1. soldout1 profile image61
    soldout1posted 7 years ago

    Here are the primary examples of the current chaos we see today? In ancient times the philosophical rulers sort to create a type of utopia; never considering the outcome that would create damaged and dual personalities within mankind. This state ultimately separated mankind from his own being. Dividing the inner from the outer just to fulfill another man's agenda. This is when the human conscious of mankind became a plowing ground for outsiders.

    I know' you're probably thinking to yourself. Without learning man is simply barbaric. Yes' you would be right,if mans creation was left to another man's development, how great is their development? My question to you is this?  What human being is deemed qualified to develop something that has been created apart from it? Education is good, though it plays a crucial part in the segregation of one's true being. Who are our examples? Is Self Centerness, or the created sense based Ego that has now become dominated by a media controlled world?  Who are our examples? Is it Greed, Lust, Self gain, or Religion, the diversity of an even greater evil? Real examples have become(ONE)not only with themselves but something much greater.Wholeness, wouldn't this be the greatest example of all?

    1. marymac47 profile image59
      marymac47posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Like your Hub! I know that when I was growing up and I am in my 60"s ---- our examples were our parents, our teachers and others older than us who were willing to mentor. The media, games and social media, while alot is good----is Much have a bed influence and  our kids are let too much to their own devices. Good subject!

      1. Granny's House profile image65
        Granny's Houseposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I have to agree with Marymac. Parents need to get more involved in the up bringing of their children!

  2. Neverletitgo profile image77
    Neverletitgoposted 7 years ago

    It is something that can't same since people have different perceptive some can say religion, elders, or celebrities. Let's clasify so if you mean ideology, I would say your religion or your tradition is your example but if you mean people is different. In that case your example is true religious people like preachers not the cheaters who do bad thing hiding that thing people respect.

  3. jzlaz0616 profile image55
    jzlaz0616posted 7 years ago

    I think influencing our kids, sharing our thoughts and spending tim e with our teenagers helps a lot in making them better adults. Teenagers who receive proper guidance, but still with the freedom to make decisions grow up to be responsible individuals. Each human being has a responsibility to give back in this world, whether it be caring for the environment, keeping good relationships or simply being a responsible and caring person. Religion, culture and education has a lot to do with how our young people are now behaving and living their lives.

  4. lifedancer profile image76
    lifedancerposted 7 years ago

    Rulers of the past never tried to create Utopia, except for themselves.  Humans are social creatures; we are born to be educated by the world.  We need kindness, caring, information, examples, guidance.  We can learn to walk without help, but do it only because it is programmed into out DNA and be cause we see others do it.  Be the example!   Don't wait for others.  I hear you crying out!.  If you don't have good examples in your life, find them.  Some would join a church or club, others a political action group.  Start giving to the world and you will receive, the pride of participation, at least.  Keep asking these questions and find the answers.  From your writing, it seems that you are young and seeking.  Great.  Learn about history.  The WWW makes much available to you.  Spend you time reading, not texting.  Moving, now sitting.  And keep questioning!