A Woman's Desire

  1. Lipstick Girl profile image60
    Lipstick Girlposted 10 years ago

    Every woman's ideal dream date is to find herself in the presence of a gentleman.... A gentle man and a gentleman.... A confident man.... An intelligent man with a sense of humor.... A man that dresses the right way.... that respects her.... that speaks the right words.... that walks the right walk.... that smiles the right smile.... that kisses her just the right way.... that touches her just like in her dreams.... His eyes sparkle; hers, too....

    We met.... We decided to go for a ride to the Yankee Candle Shop in Deerfield, MA. We weren't lost for conversation; it flowed from his lips.... He's very easy to be with; to talk with.... The ride down and back.... It wasn't long enough; yet, maybe it was.... a little more of him, I knew.... a little more of me, he knew.... The idea exactly....

    From a quick kiss in the parking lot.... to passionate kisses, later.... from across the table to sitting side by side.... We decided to stop for a drink.... and, further had dinner.... chatting small talk.... touching just enough to welcome his advances as he welcomed mine.... it was in the air; the dance, that is.... small tokens of affection exchanged.... slight touching.... teasing glances.... the brushing of arms.... his hand resting on her leg.... hers on his.... fingers tracing fingers.... eyes sparkling.... thoughts wander.... fantasies of him.... of her.... exchanged in glances.... yes, we both knew.... the sparks would ignite and the fire is gonna be one damn HOT fire! He lifted his napkin from his lap.... held it up in front of us, as a gentleman would; he leaned towards me to plant a very sweet kiss on my lips.... one kiss of many that followed last night.... We had eaten dinner; drank our drinks.... our day was coming to and end....

    It was time to think about leaving.... We both had to drive home.... about an hour for each. We drove to where I'd left my car.... "Thank you for everything...., I said." "You're not leaving that quick, he responded.".... (No. You're right, I didn't want to leave him yet.) I wanted him to kiss me.... I wanted to kiss him. Kissing him was all that I anticipated.... and all that I knew it would be.... Sensual.... Sexi.... Deliciously hot.... Not every man knows how to kiss the way I like to kiss and be kissed.... but, he does.... Oh, yes, he does.... His fingers preying and fidgeting with the buttons on my sweater....  I had waited for this moment.... Just to be a little bit closer to him.... to feel his hands on me just a little more or a lot more; hell I didn't care.... (I wasn't interested a bit! )

    And, that's the way it was.... ALMOST!

    A Gentle Man and Gentleman.... And, yes, he's one HOT man!

    1. AEvans profile image77
      AEvansposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      This appears to be more poetic and I believe you have placed it in the wrong forum.smile
      We are looking forward to an article or two or three as well. smile

    2. profile image48
      larry_lionposted 10 years agoin reply to this

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