Pressure on asian kids!!!!

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    miggymouse20posted 5 years ago

    You got an A-, you have to do better. Blahblah kid got an A+. If you want to get into yale you need to do better. So much pressure on asian kids. An also other races but i am asian so i have only experienced asian parents. They are never pleased with what you do. Always have angry looking face and i never heard from my parent once that omg i am so happy for you! Congrats..... NOT!! All they want is for u to get all A. Then they start there life story about how they suffered when they are young. You have such a good chance to make something outta yourself. But i feel like you guys should just forget about grades and being perfect for one day and just listen to your kids and make them feel like they are worth it. To all the asian parents reading this, please make your kids feel like they have done something right. Say goodjob i am proud of you! Make them feel special. When i go to my friends house and she is white,her parents let her go anywhere and talk to boys and I get so jealous.My parents never let me go anywhere well they do but not like everywhere . And they stalk my phone calls and who i text. How freaky and annoying is that??? Ugh in conclusion for all the asian parents, your putting too much pressure on your kids! Relaxxx and take a chill pill yo:) lol

    Love miggy

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      Thelma Albertsposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi miggymouse20!

      I´m an Asian parent and I do understand how you feel. It´s not only in your country that parents are too strict to their children,  it´s also in the Philippines. I grew up with a lot of don´ts from my parents and when I think about the past they were just doing what they think was right for their daughter. I´m lucky enough to see other countries and cultures. Being Asian girl is different from western girl. Asian parents always think about what other people think about themselves. The morals values, etc...There are a lot of  freedom being  a western girl . As an Asian parent to a German-Asian son, it was hard to adopt  the democratic way of upbringing a child but I learned how to be tolerant.

      I can see that you are angry to your parents. Why not ask your parents if they are proud of you? I´m sure they are. They just can´t say it as they are afraid that you might get spoiled or so. Put yourself to their shoes, if you know what I mean. Do you react like your parents when you become one?