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The Basic Of Meat Stew :: Techniques in Stewing Meat :: Pork and Beef Stew

Updated on March 14, 2011

The Basic Of Meat Stew : Pork and Beef Stew

Stewing meat is just simply boiling it or simmering the meat with low temperature cooking. Meat stew as in pork or beef stew is just cooking meat with simmering technique of cooking meat using low temperature cooking until the meat is done. It is usually mixed with seasonings and spices plus vegetables according to your own type of recipe. I love this technique in cooking meat because I can mixed it with brown rice and is a fulfilling meal if you know what I mean, rich in all the nutrients you need, vegetable, pork and mixed with grains -- brown rice.

Stewing is a technique which is popular even before prehistoric time, they use to boil meat in bonfire upon catching it and then putting some herbs and seasoning to it and bingo people will eat it. it has been modified and been used with different modifications all over the world like stew which is specific to different culture like Asian stew or western type of stew.

Stew beef with vegetable - by product of stew meat

product of stewing meat
product of stewing meat

Thawing Meat Products

by product of stew beef -- BEEF Stew technique

By product of stew pork --- Pork Stew made easy

Different Ways to Cook Meat

As we all know, stewing meat is making it soft by using simmering technique to tenderize meat. Actually there are lots to ways to cook meat such as :

  • grill or barbecue
  • broil
  • roast
  • stew
  • parboiled before grilling or barbecuing
  • braising
  • browning meat products
  • Smoking meat like beef jerky or smoked ham
  • Preservation of meat products like smoking fish, drying meat

In terms of stewing meat products, you can stew pork, beef, lamb, chicken, chili con carne, potato stew, bean stew, kare kare -- oxlamb stew and lots more from other culture.

Techniques in Stewing Meat

Historically, there are evidences that pertains to boiling of meat products incuding fish as a ritual.

Stewing meat technique : the meat you are looking for is the kind of meat -- pork or beef meat that becomes tender as you simmer it for prolong cooking making it simmer for quite sometime of cooking.

Some seasoning and herbs which are used in to give flavor to a stew meat includes: rosemary, thyme, paprika, ground black pepper, onion, pich of salt (little amount only) and garlic. To achieve a little bit of thickness of the soup of stew meat -- some add cornstarch to give it a little sticky flavor

Varianst of meat stews :

white stew -- blanched or slightly seared meat of lamb -- the emat is not browned and the meat is cooked with stock and the opposite of this is called brown stew.

Preparation of meat for stewing -- techniques in stewing meat

What are the best meat for stewing?

Choose cuts of lamb, pork or meat that are tough as it will turn softer and done in time when you simmer it, thats exactly what stewing is all about, cooking it slowly by making it simmer -- making it softer

Meat should be thawed properly -- simplest method is to remove the meat in the refrigerator and put it in a leak proof plastic bag -- to avoid microbes contamination, put a cold water in it, and then changing the water every twenty minutes. A pound of meat is usally thawed or defrost in an hour by doing this technique.

Then cut the meat for stewing one in by one in, cube stews, so that it can be cooked evenly and with a litlle amount of stewing or simmering.

Brown the meat using minimal amount of canola or olive oil, then mixed the basic spices, then vegentabes that go with it, plus corn starch to add stickiness to the soup or base water.


Stewing in Various Cooking Utensil

  • Stew using medium sized pan with cover
  • Yes you can also stew using rice cooker, put the ingredeints and the emat in the rice cooker and let it simmer until it is tender
  • For oven stewing cooked the stew meat 350 F temperature for one and one half hour
  • Using crockpot - until the meat is tender and ready


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    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago

      Sounds very tasty! Nice work on this Hub!

      Isn't part of my regular diet , but is a treat to have sometime.

      Thank you