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Which is the most delicious food that you have taken?

  1. sankari.nayagam profile image80
    sankari.nayagamposted 6 years ago

    Which is the most delicious food that you have taken?

  2. Brandon E Newman profile image72
    Brandon E Newmanposted 6 years ago

    I haven't eaten it yet. But if I had to answer now I would say beef rib-eye, or prime fillet mignon. Grilled medium-rare of course. Marinated quail is amazing, but beef is tops. Anyway, any food tastes better when you are starving. I once ate a hot buttered cob of corn, after a very long day, that tasted like the food of the gods. (I was ravenous!)

  3. yogiwan profile image48
    yogiwanposted 6 years ago

    the most memorable was a pepper steak at the top of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong that my wife and I shared while I was interviewing for a job there.  There may have been more delicious meals.  But that is the only one that I have tried to replicate at different places across the world without success.

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  4. ThelmaC profile image97
    ThelmaCposted 6 years ago

    My vote is lobster!  Don't eat it often but the taste is delicious with the hot butter to dip it in.  Yummy!

  5. jbrock2041 profile image82
    jbrock2041posted 6 years ago

    The answer to this changes periodically but right now it is guava. I just went to Hawaii and had this fruit for the first time and since I'm a fruit lover, this was so delicious. It was even better because as we were hiking along the beautiful trails, you could just pick one and start eating.

  6. Claudia Tello profile image78
    Claudia Telloposted 6 years ago

    I am a total and passionate food lover and it is very hard to choose one single thing from all the delicious food I have eaten in my life. If I went for something salty I would say "Panela" a Mexican cheese that unfortunately hasn't crossed the borders and very few people know it outside Mexico. It is a white fresh cheese with a unique flavor. It can be eaten in many ways; when eaten cold, it is excellent with salads, and as a sweet breakfast or light dinner mixed with yoghurt, fruits & nuts. When eaten cold, my absolute favorite is with a nice wholesome bread slice and grilled: it becomes toasted and lightly brown and its flavor is incomparable to any other cheese I have had.

  7. freecampingaussie profile image61
    freecampingaussieposted 6 years ago


    Tough question - My husband makes beautiful garlic prawns but I still think of a roast lamb meal he cooked on an open fire ! YUM !
    So many nice meals hard to just choose 1 !  Love lamb chops with mint sauce .