What's your favorite kind of soup in the winter?

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  1. Stickypony profile image68
    Stickyponyposted 10 years ago

    What's your favorite kind of soup in the winter?

  2. Silva Hayes profile image80
    Silva Hayesposted 10 years ago

    Homemade vegetable soup.  Ours has a base of vegetable broth, and always includes potatoes, onions, carrots, and tomato sauce (Hunt's roasted garlic).  Then we add what we have on hand -- fresh mushrooms, leeks, asparagus, and/or celery, and then a handful of either rice or pasta.  We eat it with homemade cornbread or crackers.  My next favorite soup is creamy homemade potato soup, which is delicious by itself but even better if I add fresh sauteed mushrooms and/or leeks.

  3. sangre profile image93
    sangreposted 10 years ago

    Minestrone or Carrot and Parsnip soup. They are delicious on a cold day and help to warm up your insides. Making your own carrot and parsnip soup is very easy too and has loads of flavour.

  4. freecampingaussie profile image63
    freecampingaussieposted 10 years ago

    My husband makes a delicious Chicken & Corn chunky soup where the chicken hasn't just run through on stilts like most chicken soups you buy ! I love it very much -- Yum !

  5. peachpurple profile image81
    peachpurpleposted 10 years ago

    My homemade chicken noodle soup. Awesome soup to warm up the whole body. I also love potato with carrot soup, simple and nourishing.
    http://peachpurple.hubpages.com/hub/Eas … oup-Recipe

  6. danielleantosz profile image77
    danielleantoszposted 10 years ago

    Really good lobster bisque. So delicious! Or homemade chili...now I'm hungry! smile

  7. cat on a soapbox profile image96
    cat on a soapboxposted 10 years ago

    I like thick vegetable soup w/ pesto or a hearty minestrone w/ crusty bread. Lentil and either New England or Manhattan Clam Chowder run a close second.

  8. Sharkye11 profile image91
    Sharkye11posted 10 years ago

    Tomato soup. Not the kind sold in the soup aisle though. I like to make mine from canned tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. Sometimes I had onion and zucchini. Add a grilled cheese sandwich and you have a great chill-blasting meal.

    Home-made chili is also a great, but I don't know if that is considered a soup? Even so, it is perfect for the coldest days, especially when accompanied by a slice of hot cornbread!

  9. vespawoolf profile image93
    vespawoolfposted 10 years ago

    We love homemade tomato soup. If I have time I'll make garlic croutons to float in the soup. Sometimes I make tomato-basil for a change. We also love Spicy Mulligatawny soup made with lentils and Indian spices. It's best served with Naan Bread flavored with chopped garlic. Yum!

  10. moonfairy profile image78
    moonfairyposted 10 years ago

    I adore french onion soup with lots of melted cheese!!!!! Oh so good! A close second would be home made chicken noodle soup.

  11. brownella profile image67
    brownellaposted 10 years ago

    Butternut Squash Soup.  Wicked easy recipe: one carrot, one onion, one squash and one potato, dice, saute in butter, add vegetable broth then puree and add salt and pepper.  So yummy.

  12. rumanasaiyed profile image76
    rumanasaiyedposted 10 years ago

    I am very good at making  Chicken corn soup!! And I like to have it in winter. Before I used to make for my parents and now I enjoy making it for my husband smile

  13. Cook n Save Money profile image70
    Cook n Save Moneyposted 10 years ago

    I could never narrow it down beyond home made soup!  Commercially canned soups are fine in a pinch if you're only feeding one or two people, but I prefer to make a big batch of home made soup. 

    One soup that my family requests often is reminiscent of a chowder, but it's made of pureed corn with chicken broth and cream as a base, full of diced smoked sausage, wild rice, carrots, onion and of course, more corn. 

    It's a great way to use up the garden grown sweet corn I froze last summer, too.

  14. NicoleMessenger profile image61
    NicoleMessengerposted 10 years ago

    my favorite winter soup is..............Homemade Cabbage Soup
    Slice up a whole head of cabbage
    Slice up some carrots, celery, onions, zucchini, garlic, and some tomatoes if you want. In a crock pot, place all veggies and chicken broth on high till tender then turn down on low or when the veggies shrink down. Keep an eye out for liquid. Then Enjoy..Yum Yum:)


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