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What's the secret to a tastier roasted chicken?

  1. dailytop10 profile image91
    dailytop10posted 3 years ago

    What's the secret to a tastier roasted chicken?

    My wife's birthday is a few weeks from now and I'm excited to cook for her. And all I can think of is roasted chicken. Aside from being our favorite, I think preparations won't take too much time and the process is easy enough for a newbie like me to do. So my question is, how can I make my roasted chicken tastier? I've already read a few recipes but I think I'm missing something.


  2. Lady Guinevere profile image61
    Lady Guinevereposted 3 years ago

    Marinate your chicken in milk.  Seriously this sounds so strange but it make it moist.

  3. bethperry profile image92
    bethperryposted 3 years ago

    Like Lady Guinevere, I often marinate mine in milk. But to the milk I add a little fresh lemon juice, ground rosemary and a wee bit of cooking wine or sherry. Real tasty this way. Marinate at least twenty minutes before roasting.

    1. Lady Guinevere profile image61
      Lady Guinevereposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      That does sound delicious.  I dont use cooking wines, they are 2 salty but will use reg wine. I marinate it overnight. Thnx 4 the seasonings tips.

    2. bethperry profile image92
      bethperryposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I'd think that would work splendidly, too!

  4. mgeorge1050 profile image79
    mgeorge1050posted 3 years ago

    You should brine the bird over night.  Soaking meat in brine is a step that many folks don't know about, but it does make a huge improvement.  Packed meat can lose up to eighty percent of it's moisture during the packing process.  The brine solution replaces this moisture, resulting in a very juicy finished product.  Brine is a salt water solution, but it will not make the meat salty.
    Roasting the meat very slowly will make it very tender.  It may take longer, but the results are well worth the effort.  Use a roasting pan with a lid if you have one, if not, cover with foil for most of the cooking.  Only uncover it at the end to brown everything.  If you cook the dish at about 250 degrees fahrenheit for about 45 minutes per pound it will turn out great.  This slow and low method also makes it easy to add vegetables in with the meat, and have everything turn out perfect.  Just count the weight of the meat for cooking time, not the vegetables.
    Example of whole roasted chicken and vegetables:
    Brine a five pound chicken over night.
    Place chicken in center of roasting pan and pour about one inch of chicken stock in the bottom of the pan.
    Surround and cover chicken with small whole potatoes, carrots, sliced green onion, and chopped celery.
    Top it all with a good seasoning mix made for chicken or with butter, fresh garlic and rosemary.
    Put the lid or foil on the roasting pan and stick it in a preheated, 250 degree oven.
    A five pound chicken should cook at 250 for about four and a half to five hours. Check the dish every hour and baste the vegetables with juice from the bottom of the pan to prevent drying out on the top.   During the last hour, you may remove the lid if you want the meat to brown on top.
    Check with a meat thermometer to confirm the meat is done at the end and let the whole meal rest for five to ten minutes before serving.
    That should knock her socks off.

  5. liesl5858 profile image83
    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    For me, I wash the chicken first, sprinkle some sea salt all over the chicken and leave for an hour or two. Then I prepare sage and onion stuffing to put inside the chicken, this will give the chicken a good delicious taste and smell. You buy this sage and onion stuffing from most supermarkets, they come in packets and all you got to do is add some boiled water to it and stir. I will also cut up or slice some potatoes, carrots, and parsnips into chunks  to go with the chicken in the oven.
    After two hours, wash the chicken again and then put the stuffing inside the chicken and put a little of oil at the bottom of roasting tin and put the chicken in the middle of the roasting tin and put the carrots, potatoes and parsnips around the chicken. Cover the tin with foil and bang it in the oven and cook. Take the foil off about half an hour before the chicken is cooked just to make the chicken and vegetables brown and tasty. This is how I cook my roast chicken. I hope your wife will like it.

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    ronald medinaposted 3 years ago

    Marinate your chicken in garlic powder,garlic salt.onion powder and little bit lemon juice overnight then before you cook it in oven baste it with a little amount of soy sauce inside and out side you can also put slice onion and lemon grass inside the chicken for more flavor and cook it steam roast not roast to keep it moist

  7. DDE profile image26
    DDEposted 3 years ago

    I marinate a whole chicken for a few hours and roast on slow for a while until tender it has most succulent and a simple process. I add mixed fresh herbs,  like thyme, rosemary and mint, also a bit of red paprika spic. some garlic spice and fresh garlic finely chopped.

  8. Highvoltagewriter profile image84
    Highvoltagewriterposted 3 years ago

    Do not over cook it and use lots of water.