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Aion Chanter Leveling Guide

Updated on October 30, 2009

The Chanter is perhaps the most versatile class in Aion, with skills ranging from buffing and healing from causing long range damage to enemies and paralyzing their movements to the advantage of their group. If you want to become a Chanter in your gaming campaign in Aion, but are not really sure how to make use of its skills to the fullest, then that must be a matter of concern for you. And if you have already wasted a lot of your time trying to extract something useful after hours and hours of search on the internet, you have finally come to the right place.

Aion Chanter Guide Details

The Aion chanter guide I'm talking about today is exactly what you need to learn all about your favorite class of the Chanter, and to learn about all its skills and secrets, which have been revealed in this useful guide compiled by game experts, who have been trying Aion for all sorts of techniques and results. Benefit from their valuable experience and recommendations to establish and polish your skills as a Chanter. If you face problems in leveling, which are bound to stand in your way to progress in the game at some point, this guide can most of all prove to be the perfect leveling advice that you could ever ask for. It elaborates a class-specific strategy to level faster from your very first level as a Priest to your transformation to a Chanter, telling you which quest to take, and which to skip and in which activity to engage to benefit your leveling, and the things to avoid due to the time wastage and other disadvantages that they can bring to you.

The guide allows you to fully manipulate the multi-role combat skills of a Chanter to the maximum effect. Let it be your useful ability to heal and buff your friends, to engage in close encounters against the enemy or debuffing and damaging the enemy lines, this guide reveals all the secrets that those, who watch you devastate your enemies, will die to learn about. As your ability to heal makes you a priority target for the enemies, although not as much as in the case of a Cleric, the guide also explains important protection and defense strategies to save yourself from skillfully carried out surprise attacks. It enables you to enjoy yourself in combat by helping you to develop and build on your P v P v E skills for the Chanter, that are pivotal for your success in the game.

This guide helps you to develop the right kind of skills necessary to enhance the performance of your function in the game. It explains different Sigma skills for your class and analyzes them by making comparisons and to explain the reasons why one could benefit you more than the other in a particular scenario, helping you to make the right decision. Further, the guide offers an advice with reasons on which equipment to take, and which to avoid. The Chanter can choose from a variety of equipment, so this guide can really help you in making the right choices.

A very important factor that affects your progress and success in the game is kinah. Although Chanters have a natural advantage in this regard as they can heal themselves, but the right idea of how to make the most of your kinah can make a huge difference to your performance in this game. This guide allows you to enjoy that added advantage.

Get the guide now!

An Aion Online Chanter leveling guide can really prove useful for a successful campaign in Aion not only as a group, but as a successful individual performance in the game as a Chanter. You can even further enhance your skill after the purchase of the guide through its free updates feature.

This guide as well as leveling and strategy guides for other Aion classes are now available for download right here! Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a better Chanter in Aion today!


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