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Attack On Weathertop 9472 - Lego LOTR Sets - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on October 29, 2012

Attack On Weathertop Lego item number 9472 is another set from the new Lord Of The Rings Series. On this page we are going to review the new Attack On Weather Top set, have a look at release dates, prices and where to buy online. For all the information you need about this set and other LOTR Lego sets you need look no further.

In the summer of 2012 Lego finally release their long awaited Lord Of The Rings series. This set promises to be hugely popular and will be massive for the company. Hardcore fans have been waiting over a decade now for these toys so they are bound to be snapped up super quick. There are going to be seven sets initially released with more expected at a later date. One of these sets is item number 9472 Attack On Weathertop, so let’s have a look at it.

Attack On Weathertop Set

Attack On Weathertop Lego Set 9272

Of the seven new sets released this one seems to sit somewhere in the middle when it comes to size and price. There are bigger sets and there are smaller ones than this. Attack On Weathertop will have the item number 9472 and although we have no confirmation on price yet we are expecting this to retail at around the $50 mark. We are expecting the release date for this new set to be sometime in June, all the sets are expected to be released at the same time. As you can see from the picture of this set there is some nice detail and Lego have tried to keep it as close to the original scene as possible.

The set is taken from a classic scene from the first LOTR movie, The Fellowship Of The Ring. Early on in the plot when Frodo, Sam, Pippin & Merry are being lead to Rivendell by Strider (Aragorn) they come under attack from five Nazgul or Ringwraiths as they are also known. This is the scene where Frodo is stabbed by one of the Ringwraiths and Strider fights them off. Although there were other more complex scenes in the movie this one seems like a good one to turn into Lego format.

The set contains five minifigures, these being Merry, Aragorn, Frodo and two Nazgul, the two Nazgul look really good. The main bulk of the set is the ruin that sits atop Weathertop. This features a spiral staircase and some ruins along the top of the building. One of the other great features of this set are the horses, these are very clever as you can have them stood normally or you can get them rearing up on their hind legs.

Although there is no question that this is a nice set a few people have said that it may not as sell quite as well as some of the other ones. The appeal of this one does not seem so great but time will tell how well it does when it is released.

The Box Art For The Lego Set

Aragorn Minifigure

Lego Lord Of The Rings Arrives

As well as Attack On Weathertop we are going to see some more sets. These range from relatively small to very large. One thing that really stands out from all the new toys is how impressive the little minifigures are. The detail on these really is very impressive and fans of the series will no doubt be trying to collect as many of these as possible. Some of the highlights include a Cave Troll, The Nazgul, Gollum and of course Gandalf.The new sets we are going to see include Gandalf Arrives which is the smallest and cheapest of all the sets, The Mines Of Moria, The Orc Forge which is probably the most unusual of the sets, Shelob Attacks, The Battle Of Helms Deep which is a huge set with lots going on and The Uruk-Hai Army which lots of people seem to be calling a battle pack. There is some great variety in these sets and fans of the movie will not be disappointed.

The main reason we are seeing Lego LOTR finally released is due to the fact that the Hobbit movie is coming out at the end of 2012. This means the hype surrounding LOTR will once again grow. We were also told that Hobbit Lego will soon be released, it was initially assumed that this would be at the end of 2012 to coincide with the release of the first film, but now Lego seem to be saying we may have to wait right up into 2013. Again though there seems to have been no official word on this one, we will let you know soon as we find out.

As you can see the new Attack On Weathertop looks like being a really nice Lego set. Item number 9472 may not be the most glamorous of the new releases but chances are it will still do very well. When released you will be able to buy this online from plenty of places and you can usually find it at a cheaper price over on Amazon. We hope you enjoy this set and all the other brilliant new Lord Of The Rings Lego sets coming out this year.


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