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The Orc Forge 9476 - Lego LOTR Sets - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on May 4, 2012

On this page we are going to take a look at the new Orc Forge Lego set 9476. This is another new release from the Lord Of The Rings Lego theme. We will review the new set, take a look at prices, release dates and where to buy online. For everything you want to know about the Lego LOTR Orc Forge then you need look no further.

Of all the new Lego LOTR sets that are being released in the summer of 2012, the Orc Forge seems to be the one with the least press coverage. There are few details about this one and it does not seem to be as popular as some of the other sets. Despite that fact we are going to try and give you all the information we can about the new Lego set the Orc Forge 9476. So let’s see what we can tell you.

The Orc Forge Set 9476

Lurtz Minifigure Included With This Set

The Orc Forge Lego Set 9476

So, in the summer of 2012 Lego are finally releasing the Lord Of The Rings theme. These toys have been on many people’s wish list for over a decade, so there really will be a massive demand for the new sets. With the first release we are going to see seven new sets. One of these is this one, the Orc Forge. This has the item number 9476 and we are expecting it to be priced at around about $40, although that price has not yet been confirmed. This set will contain 366 pieces. As always, after the set is released it is expected that you will be able to pick it up cheaper if you buy online and shop around a little. The release for this one is likely to be in June and this is when we are expecting all the LOTR sets to come out.

This set is based on a scene from the Fellowship Of The Ring. When Saruman turns Isengard into a war machine he creates a forge below the ground. Here he uses Orcs sent from Mordor to create a fighting Uruk-Hai army. In the forge he makes weapons and in the second film he launches his army for an assault on Helm’s Deep. The purpose of his army, ‘to rid the world of men‘.

The Lego set itself is one of the middle of the range sets for price and size. One area where this one is not as appealing as others is the minifigures. You get five with this set which are very nice, but most people seem to be after main characters and there are non in this set, it’s a shame Lego didn’t include a Saruman figure in here. Of the five you do get are three Modor Orcs, an Uruk-Hai warrior and Lurtz who was the first Uruk-Hai created by Saruman. The set itself is basically just a forge building, it does look quite good with some nice detail and some nice moving parts that make it more playable.

Although this does look like being a nice set it may be one of the less popular ones in the series. The lack of minifigures and the fact that this is not one of the stand out scenes in the films seems to diminish the all round appeal of this set. Time will tell as to how well item number 9476 sells for Lego.

LOTR Minifigures

The Release Of Lord Of The Rings Lego

Obviously the Orc Forge is just one of the new sets that we are seeing released in 2012. There are others coming out as well. These will be Gandalf Arrives, which contains Frodo and Gandalf minifigures and is the smallest of the range. The Shelob Attacks set will have Sam, Frodo and Gollum and a giant spider. Next up the Uruk-Hai Army will contain a set of Uruk-Hai figures as well as Eomer and a soldier. Attack On Weathertop will have Aragorn, Frodo, Merry and two great looking Nazgul. The Mines Of Moria looks like being a really nice set and will have Boromir, Pippin, Gimli, Legolas, two goblins, two skeletons and a cave troll as the minifigures. Finally the largest and most impressive set is going to be The Battle Of Helm’s Deep and this will have Theoden, Haldir, Gimli, Aragorn and five Uruk-Hai minifigures. All these new toys look really nice and collectors will be eager to snap them up.

The future really is bright for this series. There are so many scenes from the three films that Lego can draw on and we really could see some impressive Lego coming out in the future. As well as LOTR toys we are also going to see a range of Hobbit Lego which will coincide with the release of the movies. Most fans of Tolkien will really be thrilled to see his story turned into Lego format. Will be soon being seeing giant Lego Ortanc towers? Will we see Minas Tirith in Lego format? Other great sets would be The Black Gate, Mount Doom and The Argonath. From The Hobbit we could see Smaugh, The Lonely Mountain and Mirkwood.

Although The Orc Forge 9476 may not be the most hotly anticipated release in the new LOTR theme, there will still be plenty of people looking forward to this one. It looks like being a good solid set with lots of playability. Plus if you are looking to build up an army of Orcs and Uruk-Hai then this set would be a good one for you. All we can do now is wait and see what exciting new release Lego have in store for us in the future. The next few years will no doubt be really exciting for Tolkien and Lego fans alike.


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