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Bakugan Coredem and Strikeflier

Updated on January 5, 2014
Subterra Brown Translucent Coredem
Subterra Brown Translucent Coredem


Coredem is a Sub-terra Bakugan with a G-power of 900. When he is opened up he shows two gigantic fists, a head and two flaps. He comes in Pyrus, evil Subterra (found in evil twin pack, darker than normal Sub-terra), Subterra, Aquos, Darkus, BakuShadow and clear. The version I have is a translucent Aquos with no G-power. One of his flaps can flip down and the fists can fold down but then he cannot stand on the card. He has two legs that can flip out and the patterns on him in ball form are very similar to Farakspin’s patterns. His head is similar to a warriors mask and his fists have strong armor. His chest has a diamond like core similar to Helix Dragonoid. In the game, Coredem has 610, to 800G's, but his power can increase quickly because of the effectible abilities. The Japanese Coredem has less, only 540G.

Coredem in Anime

Coredom has battled multiple times, in arena and protecting Neathea. Unfortunately, he and Jake were taken by Kazerina and transformed into mindless servants. From episode 28-35, most of his battles were against the Brawler knights. Coredem was more powerful then, but snapped back in order to save Dan and Drago. At first, Coredem was a weak bakugan because Jake was not familiar with brawling, but becomes stronger. In episode 15, he battled with Akwimos against Strikeflier and Avior. Even in a 1:2 battle, Strikeflier won easily with his battle gear. The battle was stopped when Marucho used an ability to end the game.

Clear Strikeflier 720G
Clear Strikeflier 720G


Strikeflier is a human- bird bakugan that can fly with large hawk’s wings. His G-power in the anime is 900 and his attribute is Ventus. He comes in clear, Ventus, Aquos, Darkus, Haos or pearl, Subterra and Pyrus. He was first seen in bakugan new Vestroia episode 52 when a mysterious video of the Gundalians and their bakugan were seen in professor Clay’s laboratory. When he opens up, the bakugan will reveal two wings, a head with a flip out horn and a tail. On the wings, there is another pair of wings that fit into it. His wings can extend downward so you can equip battle gear. The version I have is a clear 720G with very high quality, therefore it has been my favorite of all time.

Strikeflier in Anime
Strikeflier in Anime

Strikeflier in Anime

In episode 15, Strikeflier was paired up with Avior to take down Akwimos and Coredem. After Avior was defeated, it was a 1 on 2 battle, but Strikeflier beat them both easily. This shows he is a very powerful bakugan. The battle ended up in a draw, since Akwimos used an ability that froze Avior and himself in a large body of ice. In Colossus Dharak, he battled Hawktor and Aranaut. He was winning since he sent out constant attacks and didn’t give the enemy a chance to fight. Later, Lumagrowl came to help with the fight, but Strikeflier did the most fighting.

Black Darkus Strikeflier 630G
Black Darkus Strikeflier 630G
Green Ventus Strikeflier 780G
Green Ventus Strikeflier 780G

Strikeflier's Ability Cards

  • Tidal Foehn
  • Multi-Cam Effect
  • Burst Mistral
  • Skill Capture
  • Burst Dive
  • Diamond Trick
  • Stun Out
  • Sky Hanging
  • Mirage Typhoon
  • Green Flash
  • Down Clatch

Strikeflier Equiped with Battle Turbine Battle Gear
Strikeflier Equiped with Battle Turbine Battle Gear


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