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DOTA Hero TIps: Shadow Shaman

Updated on July 31, 2012
Rhasta Profile
Rhasta Profile


In most cases, intelligence type heroes act as support. However, there are a few who are excellent pushers and Shadow Shaman is one of them. This hero can push a lane in an instant by simply spamming his first skill and casting his ultimate near towers. Aside from pushing, Shadow Shaman excels in disabling enemy heroes making him an excellent ganker as well particularly with a Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff on his inventory. However, you’ll need to face the biggest problem of most intelligence type heroes in DOTA while using Shadow Shaman which is lack of hit points. If targeted by the enemy team, Shadow Shaman won’t last more than five seconds during a team clash. How can you go around this weakness? Here are some DOTA hero tips that can help you assure victory while using Rhasta the Shadow Shaman.

Rhasta skill set
Rhasta skill set

Ether Shock

Rhasta can easily dominate a lane with this skill. It damages several enemies in considerable and equal amounts making it perfect for harassing heroes as well. Another exciting feature of this skill is its measly cooldown time. Spamming it is very possible as long as you have items that can support your need for mana. This is the main reason why most experienced Rhasta users rush a Bottle and Crow combination if the occupy the mid lane or otherwise an Arcane Boots. This skill is highly effective during team clashes so cast it once the battle commence and every time it cools down.


This skill made Rhasta a reliable ganker. Its effect can be compared to Guinsoo’s Scythe. Its cooldown time is considerably low as well making it one of the best single-target disable spells in DOTA. You can use it both defensively and offensively. During the middle part of the game, Rhasta can pair up with an ally hero who has high physical attack but lacks a reliable disabling skill such as Ursa Warrior and Drow Ranger to ambush enemy heroes. Only a few heroes can survive an ambush with Rhasta helping out.


Shadow Shaman alos boasts one of the longest disabling skills in DOTA. At level 4 this skill can stop a single target from casting any spell, attacking, or moving for 4.75 seconds. However, this is a channeling spell so you need a reliable teammate who has high physical or magic damage to get the most out of this skill. Even the toughest tanks in DOTA can’t survive if pinned down this long. Excellent timing is imperative while using this skill as you’ll be left vulnerable in the process. Be sure your teammates are nearby for support.

Serpent Ward

Rhasta can grab a kill because of this skill. If casted, this skill will bring upon Serpent Wards that are immune to magic. The only weakness of this skill is that the wards are stationary. Nevertheless, you can go around this problem by simply targeting the enemy hero while casting the ward. Doing so will summon the wards around him making it impossible for him to escape. This won’t be easy for beginners in DOTA or if the target moves a lot. If this is the case, using Rhasta’s second and third skill to pin the target down is a must. At least ten seconds of exposure to Rhasta’s ward could eliminate even a tough enemy tanker particularly if the ward’s damage is upgraded through an Aghanim’s Scepter.

Early Game

Rhasta’s first skill allows him to dominate a lane with ease. However, you need substantial mana to spam such skill. Your role during this part of the game varies depending on what lane you are assigned. If the team decides that you take the mid lane, which is the usual circumstance, focus on gaining as much experience and gold possible while harassing the enemy hero guarding the mid lane. However, if you are placed on the top or bottom lane, your role is to support your partner in grabbing early kills. Upgrading Rhasta’s second and third skill is a must on this situation. If paired with a hero who is particularly strong during early game such as Viper and Venomancer, grabbing a few kills is a breeze. You should rush and Arcane Boots so you won’t need to worry about not having enough mana to cast your spells. Focus on buying items that can help in positioning and can serve as an escape mechanism like Kelen’s Dagger, Force Staff, or Lothar’s Edge afterwards.

Mid Game

Rhasta is a natural ganker as he boasts two reliable disabling spells. Nevertheless, don’t rush. Always remember that Rhasta lacks health points. If you recklessly advance to a group of enemy heroes, eliminating you in an instant won’t be a problem for them. Carefully study the situation so you can come up with a better decision whether to charge or fall back. Rhasta makes it almost impossible for enemy heroes to escape. If he managed to acquire a Guinsoo’s Scepter or Eul’s Scepter, a kill is guaranteed while chasing enemy heroes. Joining ganks during this part of the game should be your main goal. Don’t worry about farming since Rhasta don’t need luxurious items to be effective during the late game. As long as you continue pressuring enemy heroes and leave them with no room to gain experience or farm, a victory is assured as late game team clashes commence.

Late Game

Rhasta’s Serpent Wards will be less effective during this part of the game yet it doesn’t make him weaker. His disabling spells can still greatly affect the outcome of an important team clash. By disabling the enemy carry for at most 8 seconds, killing him won’t be a big problem. That’s all you need to do here. Spamming your first skill and casting your ultimate skill during team clashes can support your team’s carry in eliminating tough heroes. However your main focus must be to disable enemy heroes with dangerous physical or magical damage. Heroes like Troll Warlord, Drow Ranger, and Moon Rider are a few examples. These heroes lack health points but have excellent physical damage so disable them at once and let your allies do the rest.


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