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DOTA Hero Tips: Bloodseeker

Updated on March 28, 2014


Bloodseeker is without a doubt one of my favorite movies in DOTA. I find him really cute with pink clothes. And he’s a pig which made him even more lovable. Nevertheless, underestimating this hero just because of her looks can lead you to your doom. He is one of the few agility type heroes who do not purely rely on physical attack offensively. His ultimate skill is quite infamous as it can set forth huge amounts of damage to a certain target particularly if he has high movement speed. Countering Strygwyr is almost impossible especially if he managed to grab a Blade Mail. I’ll share you a secret later on how to effectively use Blade Mail in conjunction with Bloodseeker’s set of skills. Complete beginners in DOTA will surely find the tips that I’ll discuss about Bloodseeker very helpful. I know you are very interested to know them so join me in making known and discovering the unparalleled might of Strygwyr the Bloodseeker.


Because of this skill, Bloodseeker can easily kill intelligence type heroes or even agility ones who have very low health points and basically rely on magic for offense and defense. Aside from silencing the target, this skill also brings upon a decent DPS. Enemy heroes who don’t have high innate health point’s regeneration or any item that can help them on this matter will find it very hard to survive after taking the full damage of this skill at least three times. This skill also works well with Blade Mail as it increases the target’s attack damage which eventually will go back to him as you activate the said item.

Blood Bath

This skill enables Bloodseeker survive from early game harassments. He’ll gain a certain amount of health points after killing a certain target including allied creeps or hero (denying). Excellent last hitting skill is a must to use Bloodseeker effectively and for you to get the most out of this powerful skill. The importance of this skill can be greatly noticed during team clashes. Just deliver the killing blow to a certain enemy hero to regain full health points so you can target another one. This skill is also one of the main reasons why Bloodseeker is often targeted first during important late game clashes as he can be unstoppable if disregarded.

Strygwyr’s Thirst

No hero can escape Bloodseeker’s thirst for blood. If an enemy hero’s health point is low enough, Bloodseeker can see him even if he turns invisible. He also gains bonus movement speed while sniffing a dying enemy hero. This skill crowned Bloodseeker as one of the most reliable chasers in DOTA. He is a perfect counter against heroes who jungles. If they get careless about their health points, Bloodseeker can easily trace their location, cast his ultimate spell, and grab a kill with ease. Your only way to escape is by using a Town Portal Scroll. Nevertheless, this option won’t be available if he managed to purchase a Cramium Basher, Monkey King Bar, Guinsoo’s Scythe, or any other item that can stop channeling spells.


This skill puzzles a lot of DOTA Beginners. Experienced DOTA players will advise you to maintain your position after Bloodseeker casted this spell on you. By doing so, you won’t take any damage from this skill. But will you survive? In most cases, you won’t since you’ll be swarmed by Bloodseeker and his allies before you know it. Only a few heroes in DOTA can run and survive after taking the full damage of this skill. You’ll need to have extremely high health points like Centaur Warchief or excellent magic resistance like Pudge. Using a Force Staff to an enemy while under this spell can cause devastating damage as well and can even instantly kill a target especially if he is an intelligence or agility type with no life supporting items.

Early Game

Bloodseeker should farm during this stage of the game. Your main goal is to reach level six and gain your ultimate skill as soon as possible. Simply disregard enemy harassment and focus on landing the killing blow to both enemy and ally creeps. You’ll gain health points in every successful kill so bullying you is almost impossible unless you are up against heroes with excellent harassing skills such as Viper, Sacred Warrior, and Keeper of the Light. Bloodseeker is specifically weak against burst damages since they won’t allow him to heal up. An early enemy skill combination can kill you so don’t be careless if you are up against a team of mostly intelligence type heroes. To counter them, upgrade your first skill at least once. You can also farm in the jungle if harassment on your assigned lane is too much for you to handle.

Mid Game

This is the part of the game where Bloodseeker shows his might. By now, you should have at least a Blade Mail and Boots of Speed. These items alone are more than enough for you to grab a few kills. Simply cast your ultimate and first skill to a certain target. If he runs, he’ll definitely die due to your last skill’s effect. If he chooses to fight, activate your Blade Mail so all his physical damage will return to him. The only way to counter this skill combination is a Town Portal Scroll. If you want to guarantee a kill even if your target has a Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel, purchase a Cramium Basher. Keep in mind that Bloodseeker is an agility type hero so his attack speed is considerably higher compared to most DOTA heroes. The time needed for an enemy hero teleport is more than enough for Bloodseeker to land bash hit.

Late Game

Bloodseeker can’t help so much during actual late game team clashes. All he can do is silence a dangerous intelligence type hero and kill it if possible. His main role is to chase fleeing enemy heroes. The bonus attack speed Bloodseeker can get due to his third skill’s effect made it almost impossible for enemy heroes to outrun him. A Dagon Scepter at full level can help you survive team clashes as well. If you’re really low on health points, target it on a creep to be revitalized. You can also use the item to land a killing shot while chasing enemy heroes. Your teammates will surely understand your need and won’t mind giving you the kill.


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