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DOTA Hero Tips: Gyrocopter

Updated on August 14, 2012

Gyrocopter is one of the few agility type heroes who rely mainly on spells to be effective on both defensive and offensive end. Many disregard this hero since he doesn’t have any skill that could turn him into a reliable carry during the later of a game. Nonetheless, if you manage to purchase the right items and use his spell properly, Gyrocopter can be a nightmare to your foes. His devastating skills are effective particularly during team clashes making him a vital hero who could lead your team towards victory. Are you one of the many DOTA beginners who are interested about Gyrocopter yet you don’t know a thing about the proper build and way to control him? Read further and discover how you can instill fear to the hearts of your enemies with the unstoppable and incomparable might of Aurel the Gyrocopter.

Rocket Barrage

This skill may seem weak but don’t be deceived. If focused on one target, it can kill even the toughest hero in DOTA. Aside from its offensive use, this skill is also a great tool to ward off enemy heroes that are chasing you. Gyrocopter is regarded by many as a good farmer and this skill made it all possible. It has very low cooldown time so spamming it is imperative. Just make sure you have enough mana to support this skill and you won’t have any problem about earning gold and harassing enemy heroes particularly during the early parts of the game.

Homing Missile

This skill can be highly compared to Priestess of the Moon’s Elune’s arrow. They only differ a bit since heroes and towers can attack Gyrocopter’s homing missile. The good part is that no enemy can dodge it since it’s locked and guided. This skill will travel until it reaches the specified target or if destroyed. A lot of pub players use Gyrocopter because of this skill. It does not only boast a good damage but a long period of stun as well making it a great skill for ganking. Its cooldown time is also very low enabling Gyrocopter to cast it almost any time.

Flak Cannon

Who said cleaving attack is only for melee heroes? This skill grants Gyrocopter the ability to attack multiple enemies at the same time. It’s even better than any cleaving skill or item as all its attacks are equal in damage and rate. However, you are only limited to at most six attacks. DOTA beginners do not realize how this skill could decide a team clash yet experts know that it can. If you concentrate in boosting your physical damage and attack rate, this skill alone can lead your team towards victory! It has a very low mana cost and a decent cooldown time so you don’t need to worry about having no items to support your need for mana.

Call Down

This is Gyrocpter’s bread and butter skill. It launches to missiles which can slow and damage enemies in a targeted area. Upgrading it with Aghanim’s Scepter is a must so you can target anywhere in the map. This skill is specifically important during late game clashes and mid game ganks.

Early Game

Gyrocopter is a great starter. Spam your first and third skill and you’ll gain enough gold to purchase luxurious items in no time. Your main goal during this part of the game is not only to farm but bully enemy heroes as well. Don’t allow the enemy team’s carry to freely land the hitting blow to your creeps. You can deny but I highly advise that you concentrate on using your skills. Let your partner deny. Grabbing early kills with Gyrocopter is very easy. Just wait for the right opportunity. Spam your first and third skill until an enemy hero only has half of his health points. Let your mana points be reimbursed and cast your second skill at once! This strategy is very effective and almost guarantees a kill especially if your lane partner also has a reliable disabling skill such as Crystal Maiden, Vengeful Spirit, and Ogre Magi.

Mid Game

Joining ambushes is a must for Gyrocopter. Your second skill is a great skill for chasing enemy heroes and holding them down. In some cases, you need to increase Gyrocopter’s mobility for better positioning particularly while casting your ultimate skill so buying a Force Staff or Kelen’s Dagger is a good idea as well. Be sure to purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter. This item boosts Gyrocopter’s skill range and makes it global. This is highly important since it allows you to help your teammates even if you are far away from the battlefield. Aside from this boost, Aghanim’s Scepter also provides stats bonuses which can improve Gyrocopter’s life and mana points, attack speed, armor, and physical damage.

Late Game

During team clashes, cast Gyrocopter’s ultimate, first, and third skill at once. These skills affect numerous enemies making them very effective against multiple enemies. Your foes will surely have a hard time dealing with the damages set forth by your skills making it easier for your team carry to eliminate them one after another. It’s imperative that you cast your second skill on the enemy team’s strongest hero. Being disabled even just for a few seconds is more than enough for your team to annihilate him at once. Buying a Refresher’s Orb is also a great idea as it allows you to cast all your skills twice during a team clash which means double the damage! Your goal is to cast all your skills and let your teammates handle the rest. If you successfully bullied enemy heroes early on, there won’t be any late game in the first place as your team can grab victory even during the mid part of the game.


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