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Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Updated on April 9, 2011
Dora Explorer Digital Camera
Dora Explorer Digital Camera

Buy A Dora Explorer Camera

If you are looking for an ever so cute little kids digital camera to give as a present to your daughter then you should definitely consider buying the Dora the Explorer Digital camera.

This would be the perfect gift if you have a child that is a huge fan of Dora the Explorer. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that among the wide range of toys and clothing in the Dora range, there is a toy camera that you can buy that features this little intrepid explorer. You daughter will be more than happy to receive this in her gift basket.

The Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

This little gadget is the perfect way to introduce your daughter to the world of photography and technology. It is a pretty little model and it will do everything that it needs to in order to produce photographs that your little one can be proud of.

This pink digital camera is very easy to use and there are 3 inbuilt vocal phrases supplied by Dora herself. She gives words of encouragement whenever your child is ready to take a picture. This makes this toy fun and interactive. It is also functional because the end results can be viewed by all.

In order to view the pictures, you just need to connect the camera to your computer or laptop.  This is easily done by using the USB cable that comes included with the price. 

There is also a handy user manual that you can read up on so that you can make sure that you are fully informed as to how the toy works so that you can show your child with uttermost clarity.

The software program that also comes with the Dora Explorer digital camera means that the photos that have been taken can be further customized and personalized. There are a range of fun stickers and photo frames that can be used to enhance each image.

When you order this camera online, don’t forget to order some batteries at the same time. This toy needs 2 AAA batteries in order to work. As soon as it arrives on your doorstep, you will be able to ensure that your child will be able to start playing with it as soon as possible.

You may find that your child gets so much fun out of this little toy camera that they will be able to produce some really great photos. The Dora The Explorer Talking Digital camera is a fantastic gift idea for any budding photographer in your home.

Other ideas for Dora fans is to provide a Dora Explorer themed birthday party. All you need is the right Dora Explorer party supplies and decorations and you are all set.


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