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Rainbow Magic Books - The Weather Fairies Books and The Party Fairies Books and more

Updated on March 30, 2011
The Weather Fairies Books
The Weather Fairies Books

Weather Fairies & Pet Fairies

The Weather Fairies books and the Party Fairies books are just two collections of reading books within the Rainbow Magic Books range. These books have been created for little girls to enjoy again and again.

There are lots of different book titles to choose from so you can get them individually or you may decide that they are so fun that you will want to invest in the complete selection.Each book that makes up the Rainbow Magic books collection involves the everyday lives of two girls called Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate.

The Weather Fairies Books

There are currently seven individual titles within this collection. They each have something to do with the different types of weather conditions.

The names of The Weather Fairies book collection are as follows:

  • Crystal The Snow Fairy
  • Abigail The Breeze Fairy
  • Pearl The Cloud Fairy
  • Goldie The Sunshine Fairy
  • Evie The Mist Fairy
  • Storm The Lighting Fairy
  • Hayley The Rain Fairy

The Party Fairies Books

There are also seven different book titles under the Party Fairies book theme. Each story involves a fairy who has a party centric name. The names of The Party Fairies Books are:

  • Cherry The Cake Fairy
  • Melodie The Music Fairy
  • Grace The Glitter Fairy
  • Honey The Sweet Fairy
  • Polly The Party Fun Fairy
  • Phoebe The Fashion Fairy
  • Jasmine The Present Fairy

More From The Rainbow Books Collection

This is just two examples of the collections on offer under the Rainbow Magic range of books. The other main title headings include:

  • The Rainbow Fairies
  • The Pet Keeper Fairies
  • The Jewel Fairies
  • The Fun Day Fairies
  • The Petal Fairies
  • The Dance Fairies
  • The Sporty Fairies
  • The Music Fairies
  • The Magical Animal Fairies
  • The Green Fairies
  • The Ocean Fairies
  • The Twilight Fairies
  • The Showtime Fairies
  • The Special Fairies

The Rainbow magic books are just the thing if you are looking for a wonderful selection of reading books for your daughter or granddaughter. These are currently on sale and Amazon and you can decide to buy an individual book or go for the whole collection. Reading time need never be a dull experience ever again.


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