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Electronic Chess Trainers and Computers

Updated on January 2, 2011

Electronic Chess Trainers

Looking for an electronic chess set? Or an electronic chess trainer computer?

Whatever you call these amazing chess trainers they are incredible and help you improve your chess skills, tutor you, give you puzzles to solve (like how to checkmate in 2 moves) and also can play against you and you can adjust the difficultly level all the time.   You can also play whenever you want and you don't have to play against someone rubbish any more or that cheater either.  And if you lose then no-one knows to embarrass you!

I am going to show you the very best electronic chess trainers available as well as the very best latest prices on these excellent chess computers.

The Chess Challenger
The Chess Challenger | Source

Chess Challenger

Another 5 star rated product the Chess Challenger is an excellent chess computer that has many options and you can be playing and learning chess for hours.  Features of this electronic chess trainer include:

  • 64 different playing levels including: Normal, Infinite, Tournament, Fun, Blitz, Training, Adaptive
  • 50 Move Tack Back - Go back 50 moves and see what you could have done
  • Play against the computer or a friend
  • Info mode - see what the computer is thinking
  • Coach mode - warnings and alerts
  • Study mode - learn from the masters as you play 20 famous chess games
  • Hints - tips for what you should do
The Chess Challenger offers all that and more in an amazing package and other features include a chess clock like they use in tournaments, a storage compartment for the pewter and silver effect chess pieces, memory feature so you can finish unfinished games and an automatic power down feature to save energy.
The Chess Challenger really is the complete chess computer package and you can't get anything better for such an affordable price and an investment in improving your chess.  Whether playing against the computer in different difficultly modes and seeing where you went wrong, or what the computer is going to do, to the hints and alerts you can only improve and have fun!

Even better the Chess Challenger comes with an AC/DC adapter (also takes 4 C batteries), comes with FREE Super Saver Shipping and a 1 year warranty!

Excalibur Electronics Einstein Chess Wizard

This electronic chess trainer/wizard will help you improve your chess game enormously by teaching, instructing and challenging you.  You can also play games for fun with this chess wizard and there are 73 different power levels so as you progress the computer gets better too!

You can play chess whenever you like against a good opponent and also solve checkmate puzzles and problems and learn the most popular chess openings like the Sicilian Defense.

Rated 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon!

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