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Filipino Online Game Making Waves

Updated on May 13, 2013

More than 400,000 kids in the United States, Canada and Australia go agog and gaga about the endearing characters and fun games in the The kids are having a field day creating their own avatars, securely making friends and doing their best to garner points to hurdle various challenges in the virtual world.

This wonderful website was created and continuously developed in the Philippines by Funguy Studio, a formidable team made up of ingenious and innovative game designers which is spearheaded by a Filipino guy named Darwin Tadio.


The great characters in Sqwishland are based on the popular toy called “Sqwishies,” an encapsulated toy which kids can purchase for just a quarter of a dollar. Truly a novel concoction, this toy is now a subject of patent as it includes codes ala fortune cookie. These codes will direct the kids to flock the where they can pile up points or obtain a reward as soon as they enter the secret code.

The first batch of the toys landed in the US soil last June 2010. After forging a solid partnership with Brand Vending of Scottsdale, Arizona, become a phenomenal hit in the web after it was launched in August 2010.

One year after was launched its members now soars to more than 2,500,000 and posted a remarkable shipment of 40,000,000 encapsulated toys. Pretty amazing eh, but it seems that the superb performance they whipped up last year is expected to get a shot in the arm in the near future as a more aggressive and innovative approaches will be made.

The toy also bagged the much sought after Best Product Award at the National Bulk Vendors Association Awards in Las Vegas and grabbed the spotlight in magazines, television and newspapers across the United States and just recently the toy was featured at the Kids Choice Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California where young celebrities went nuts over the Sqwishland.



With the great influx of followers of the games in the Sqwishland and with the toys, Tardio and his team are inspired to create a mobile game apps for iPhone which can either be downloaded for free or for a fee. This is great news especially for the kids since iPhones is now becoming very popular in the world.

After an astounding performance in the US, Canada and Australia the Sqwishland will finally make its presence felt in the Philippines as Filipino kids will get the chance to enjoy the plethora of games offered by and go berserk with the truly adorable Sqwishies.

Will the children-friendly Sqwishland gather throngs of followers in the Philippines? The answer to this question remains to be seen, though, it is most likely that this will be a huge hit as well since the Sqwishland will finally be unveiled in the country where it is based.

I see this toys as good investment in the coming years since the toys are collectibles... An entry to the cool WritingContest.

Video from YouTube...


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